Catchin' Up With...Arthur Muguet

Arthur Muguet
Arthur Muguet

Site Logistic and Warehouse Operations Leader - Department Manager
Procter & Gamble, Frankfurt, Germany

My initial career interest during my studies was consulting, but I subsequently decided that it would be preferable to start with an industry experience in order to build an operational skillset before entering consulting. I therefore took a one-year internship in supply chain at Procter & Gamble to determine if this would be a discipline that I would enjoy. I believed that working at Procter & Gamble would give me the opportunity to deliver tangible results and lead large teams.

After a successful internship, I was offered positions in both the French branch and the Geneva headquarters of Procter & Gamble, and I decided to accept the latter. This was motivated by the desire to discover a new environment and to move closer to the company’s regional decision-making center. Thanks to my strong performance, I went through a fast succession of three assignments in supply and business planning in my next three years in Geneva, and was promoted ahead of my peer group, with very strong support from my leadership.

I was then offered the opportunity to move as an expat to Germany in a challenging plant assignment. The role was designed to give me an insight into the manufacturing side of our supply chain, while enabling me to lead a large organization of more than 60 people. This is the role I have been in for the past year and half, and it has been a true challenge as well as a great learning opportunity.