Student Spotlight: Jennifer Parsons

Jennifer Parsons
Jennifer Parsons

My name is Jennifer Parsons and I am a management major with a minor in communication arts. Salisbury University has been my home for the past two years, as I am a transfer student from Cecil College. I started my college career at Cecil College to play soccer and to get my basic credits out of the way. At Cecil, I fell in love with the atmosphere, the people and the professors. It was exactly what I wanted. When it came time to move forward, to find a university with these same aspects, it was very difficult until I met [then dean] Dr. Bob Wood. He explained to me the importance and significance of the AACSB accreditation, the business programs available and the many extracurricular activities available to students at Salisbury University. Once I visited Salisbury, everything clicked. The first thing I was grateful for was that Salisbury has "sister" campuses, of which Cecil College is a part and it made transferring credits that much easier.

Starting my first semester at the University I was quite intimidated; however, once I got into my classes and was able to meet other students, things began to fall into place. I participated in the Society of Human Resources Management Club and Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization in order to meet other students and to be a part of the things happening within the Perdue School. That, after all, is what I was looking for and the ability to create relationships with my teachers and peers. Another thing I am grateful for is that within every classroom I have been challenged to do better academically and mentally. At Salisbury, the teachers are just as excited as we are; they are there encouraging students to be better, inspiring us to find a different answer and helping us to improve in so many ways. Outside of the classroom, I became involved with club and intermural sports and the local Chamber of Commerce.

After my first semester here, I made an ambitious decision to become a Student Business Leader, to become a representative of the Perdue School of Business, a liaison and to help my fellow students. So far, after a year of being a Student Business Leader, it has been nothing but rewarding, as I have had the opportunity to foster great relationships with professors and students, and also to meet community leaders and supporters of the Perdue School. Transferring to Salisbury University has been one of the better decisions I have made in my life. Because of this education and my experiences provided through the Perdue School of Business, I know I am ready for the real world.