Catchin' Up With ... Amy Gilbert, CPA

Amy Gilbert
Amy Gilbert

"Put yourself out there and get involved": this has been my motto since I started college at Salisbury University and has followed me well into my career at McGladrey. From the very beginning at Salisbury during "registration day," I knew that I really liked the individuals involved with the Perdue School of Business, and I had to find out how to get involved. As I finished my first year of classes and went on to my sophomore year, the relationships that I had with the staff and other administrators grew stronger. Then I interviewed for a position as a Student Business Leader and I knew for sure that this is how I could really "put myself out there and get involved." This would allow me to grow in a professional way, while still in school, and help other students – just as the past Student Business Leaders and advisors had helped me. As a Student Business Leader I had the opportunity to meet with different business professionals in the community, network and become a trusted advisor to other students. These skills would stay with me well into my career into public accounting.

As a Student Business Leader, I had many opportunities that few college students have. I was able to participate in the interview process of the new dean of the Perdue School of Business. I was able to speak up and let the prospects know what the students really cared about and describe the culture of our school; this helped the school to hire the best fit. These skills and opportunities have since transitioned into my work place. Every year at McGladrey, I participate in Salisbury recruiting and the intern/new hire interview process. I am now able to describe the culture of McGladrey and get to know those interested in externships, internships and full-time hire; these interactions help my firm to hire the best candidates. Also, I have returned to Salisbury University multiple times to speak to Perdue School clubs, such as Beta Alpha Psi.

My journey at McGladrey began the summer after my junior year during my internship where I felt right at home. McGladrey is the fifth largest public accounting firm, providing services in assurance, tax and consulting with a focus in the middle market. Even though being such a large firm, we are truly focused on "the power of being understood." This really helps everyone, clients and co-workers, feel like an actual person not just a number. At the end of my internship, I signed a full-time offer to start after graduation, approximately 16 months later. Going into my senior year with a job secured was a great feeling. In fall 2011, I started full time with the firm as an audit associate. After two years of hard work, long hours of studying to obtain my CPA license and two "busy seasons," I was promoted to senior associate. Each year I get to experience different opportunities. As a senior associate, I have had the opportunity work on a variety of clients, including, but not limited to, corporate, non-profit, real estate and government contracting. Being able to experience this variety helps me to decide if I would like to develop an expertise in a specific industry.

My main role at McGladrey is a senior assurance associate where I help to coordinate the engagement team, manage the client and prepare deliverable. In addition to my daily tasks as an auditor, my other "extra-curricular activities" include recruiting, interviewing, leading intern trainings and leading social committees such as "Work/Life Balance" (coordinating events such as home buying seminars, inspirational speakers, wine tastings, etc.). I really enjoy the training and recruiting aspect, as this allows me to mentor students and help them decide on what career path is right for them. With so many different ways to "put yourself out there and get involve," what I enjoy most about McGladrey is meeting new people. Each engagement gives me the opportunity to work with someone new. The culture is very similar to Salisbury in the sense that the family feeling is there. The engagement teams treat each other as friends, and they know what is going in each other’s lives outside of work. Whether it is studying for CPA, a family crisis, medical issue or exciting events, everyone is very supportive. My next goal is to be promoted to supervisor and continue on my career path at McGladrey.

Attending Salisbury University has really made a positive difference in my life. The relationships that I made there have helped me to develop into the business professional that I am today. However, my life is not all business; outside of work, I am very busy too. Since graduating in 2011, I have earned my CPA license, rented my first condo, owned a house, sold a house, owned a second house, gotten engaged, became the mother of two adorable basset hounds and we are currently in the process of finalizing plans for our June 2015 wedding – then this article will be "Catching Up With ... Amy Richardson." My finance Chuck and I have a love for the outdoors, adventures, yard sales and our basset hounds. During the summer, you might see us at car shows, the beach, the race track or out in the garden. No matter what path you take in life, what career you purse or what experiences you open yourself up to, please remember to "put yourself out there and get involved." Go Gulls!