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IS Alumni Networking Event

What is it like to work with enterprise systems? Perdue School students found out.

Alumni Networking - Students and Alumni site together

Students in Information Systems Concepts for Business (INFO 211) were given the opportunity to learn more about the field of information system and working with enterprise systems from alumni working in a variety of organizations. The Information Systems Networking event was held on March 13 in the Perdue Hall Atrium from 3:30-5:30 p.m. The students who participated commented that they had a much better understanding of what information systems involves and what a career in information systems is like.


Alumni and Students sit together and converse Alumni and Students share a table

Using a “speed-dating” approach, each student had the opportunity to spend time with five different alumni, hearing about each individual’s company and what they do in their job, as well as asking questions. Since students did not have the opportunity to talk to each of the alumni representing seven different companies, many of the students took advantage of the networking portion of the event to talk to alumni from different companies or ask additional questions.

Alumni participation was sponsored by their companies, with RSM taking the lead for this inaugural event. The alumni who so graciously donated their time to talk to the students were:

Two Alumni and one student stand together at networking session
Alumni Class of Company
Anthony Antony 2015 EY
Eric Church 2015 KPMG
Emily Davis 2013 CareFirst
Melissa Fell 2017 Breakthru Beverage
Scott Howser 2017 Northrop Grumman
Sara Labriny 2014 EY
Zach Light 2013 RSM
Jordan Saffron 2016 RSM
Parris Stanford 2016 Under Armour
Jacob Stevens 2017 Northrop Grumman
Antea Vrana 2012 KPMG
Nick Waters 2016 Under Armour
Michael Winter 2010 KPMG
  One Alumni and Two students stand with snacks in hand Group of Alumni and Students pose for a picture

In addition to enjoying talking to the students, several of the alumni gathered for dinner afterward and enjoyed their own networking opportunity.

This is the first of what is planned to be an on-going series of events to help students understand information systems in general and working with enterprise systems more specifically.

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