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Business Students Attend THE Meeting

Professional development is an important part of a student’s learning experience at the Perdue School of Business. As such, all students must complete BUAD 300, Personal and Professional Development, a one-credit course aimed at helping students acclimate themselves with the professional expectations of a business environment.

A requirement of BUAD 300 is attending THE Meeting. This 90-minute event allows business students the opportunity to Transition from pre-professional to professional; Hear from their major faculty; and Engage with other departments and students. THE Meeting is similar to a professional conference in that there are three sessions in which students must participate: Opening/Plenary, Breakout and Resource.

This semester, approximately 175 business students checked in for THE Meeting on Thursday, February 15, in Perdue Hall’s atrium. After a brief welcome and introductions, students were given an explanation on what to do and expect by Student Business Leader Katie Davis. Also as part of the Opening Session, Associate Dean Dr. Roche reminded students of SU’s policies and guidelines as well as what it means to be a professional student. Likewise, senior marketing major and Student Business Leader Doris Hastings offered words of advice to the students about THE Meeting and expressed that every effort is made to offer students the resources needed to achieve their full potential, provided they are willing to put in the work.

After the Opening session, students attended Breakout and Resource sessions. Each Breakout session gave students a chance to meet their respective department chair or faculty. While there, they learned what it takes to do well in their major and received valuable information about the business program.

During the Resource session, students met with other professional students, Perdue School clubs, service organizations, honor societies and representatives from various departments. This session proved to be an excellent networking opportunity for students as they connected with their peers and gathered information from other resources available to them (such as Career Services, SU Libraries, Study Abroad and more).

Overall, THE Meeting was a success as it delivered on the Perdue School’s goal to give business students access to people and information aimed at helping them transition to the professional program.
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