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Catchin' Up with...Stefan Antony

Stefan Antony
Stefan Antony

After my family immigrated from India more than a decade ago, we planted our roots in Salisbury. While others in my high school graduating class went to college elsewhere, my decision to attend Salisbury University proved not only to be financially prudent, but personally and academically gratifying.

Looking back at my undergraduate career at SU, I reflect on the many lessons I learned – from the classes that I took, the people I met, and the organizations and clubs in which I was involved. These lessons, I believe, have made me a well-rounded person and have prepared me to succeed in my field.

The accounting and business classes I took in the Perdue School gave me the intellectual foundation to excel in my current position as a risk advisory associate at Ernst & Young (EY). The Perdue School of Business is ranked as among the best in the State of Maryland, producing graduates who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to compete in a global marketplace. That’s why I’ve made it a priority to return to Salisbury on many occasions to recruit some of the best and brightest students to apply for positions in EY – knowing firsthand the level of training and education that is being provided in this growing institution.

The professors and mentors I was privileged to know, along with the relationships I forged with fellow students, afforded me with opportunities to learn about different cultures, religions and ethnicities. As technology continues to make our world more connected and accessible, it is vital that the next generation of entrepreneurs have a global perspective that allows them to succeed in today’s interconnected economy. I’m proud of SU’s continued commitment to diversity and remain appreciative of the Perdue School’s efforts to encourage students to interact with one another and to learn from each other. These interactions and experiences are vital in cultivating leadership and interpersonal skills, which I have greatly benefited from and continue to use today.

I found my involvement in student organizations especially beneficial – both personally and professionally – because it allowed me to gain invaluable leadership skills and join a professional network of other SU alumni in the business and accounting industries. I had the opportunity to serve as a Student Business Leader, president of Beta Alpha Psi, president of the Institute of Management Accountants and participated in a number of competitions, including Salisbury’s Entrepreneurship Competition and the Shore Hatchery Competition. A well-rounded college education requires excellence in academics and involvement in extracurricular activities as a supplement to the concepts and lessons learned in the classroom.

Utilizing the skills and experiences I received from Salisbury, I interned at RSM (formerly McGladrey LLP) and TGM Group before graduating with bachelor’s degrees in accounting and information systems and subsequently accepting an offer at a “Big Four” accounting firm – Ernst & Young. Each and every day, I am applying the concepts and skills I learned at Salisbury to help large corporations be more efficient and achieve their goals. Outside of EY, I’ve been able to use my collective experiences and knowledge to give back to my community. As an active board member of a non-profit, Project OUT, in Salisbury, I’ve effectively applied the skills I’ve learned at SU and use the network I’ve built to assist in our organization’s goal of helping people with opioid addiction.

I’m just one of the countless Perdue School and Salisbury University alumni who have greatly benefited from the rigorous academic programs, the strong and diverse university community, and student organizations that uniquely define SU. It is my hope that current and future students take full advantage of the many exciting and enriching opportunities for growth and advancement that Salisbury offers. Go Sea Gulls!

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