Student Spotlight: Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall
Aaron Wall

I am a junior majoring in finance with the investments and financial planning tracks at the Perdue School of Business. I work with the Perdue School as a Student Business Leader as well as fulfilling a few other roles at Salisbury University. I am 20 years old and hail from Columbia, MD. I share here my involvement in Greek life at Salisbury and how it has not only been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life but also something that has helped my professional development.

When I was a freshman, I was not necessarily sure about Salisbury. Both my parents and a few other family members had attended Salisbury for their undergraduate degrees, and I felt like that was the main reason I chose Salisbury. I came to school as an education major without even considering business as a major. Since freshman year was mainly focused on General Education classes, I spent much of my time networking and meeting new people. Through this, I made three friends who were interested in joining Greek life. Together, we participated in recruitment events and became close friends. I came to realize that all three of them were business majors. One day, we received an email regarding Perdue School entrepreneurship competitions. The four of us decided to participate while joining our fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma (Sig Tau). After being successful in the competition, I came to learn that business was where my passion was. To this day, I thank Sig Tau for bringing me together with these people who are still close friends of mine.

Being in Sig Tau has provided me with amazing experiences outside of the classroom. Every semester, we coordinate a philanthropy event that aims to raise around $2,000 for our philanthropy, Special Olympics Maryland. This past semester, we put together a butler auction where we auctioned off services with proceeds going directly to Special Olympics. I am currently working on putting together a spring concert at a local venue to raise more money for Special Olympics. When it comes to service, Sig Tau actively participates at Special Olympics events, local Salisbury events and University clean-up events. My favorite experience was working with Salisbury Jaycees at a Christmas event. At this event, each participant was given a $70 allowance to spend on a local partner child. We walked through the store with our partner and looked at various toys and gifts and paid closed attention to what our partner expressed interest. After the event, we bought as many toys as our allowance could afford and the toys were wrapped and later put under the Christmas tree of our partner. Waking up at 4 a.m. to head to Walmart was tough, but it was a great event that really taught me the benefit of community service.

How does this all relate to business? I think that participating in these events is humbling and shows how important it is to always be aware of how you can help the community surrounding you. Because of Sig Tau, I think of myself as a better Samaritan. My experiences within Greek life have done nothing but positively impact my ability to be the best person I can be.

When it comes to being a professional, Sig Tau has taught me the importance of networking and professional image. When it comes to networking, many of the opportunities I have been able to take advantage of on campus today have been because of someone in Sig Tau. For example, I would have never known about the Student Business Leader position if it wasn’t for one of my older brothers. He encouraged me to apply for the position and helped me with my resume to ensure I would have a competitive application. Also, there are a large number of business majors within the fraternity. This means that there are always people studying in Perdue Hall, which helps me find a quiet place to work on my classes. When it comes to professional image, when you are working for a company you must always hold yourself to their standards no matter where you are. The way you act will directly impact the way that people view your company. This is also true within Greek life. Through Greek life I learned valuable lessons that will help me when it comes to representing a company in my career.

Without a doubt I would recommend my experience in Greek life as the best decision of my college career. It helped me discover my major and develop as a professional in real-world situations that are hard to recreate in the classroom. On top of those benefits, I learned the importance of community service. I believe that my involvement in Sig Tau has made me a better Perdue School student, and without the fraternity, I would not be as successful as I am today.