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Two PSB Students Studied Cybersecurity in Estonia

Kevin Roman and Matt Kurz
Kevin Roman and Matt Kurz

Our Time in Estonia
By Matt Kurz and Kevin Roman

Cybersecurity is an important field within the information technology industry. In addition to its importance, it also has a level of complexity that makes it a difficult industry to enter. As Perdue students in information systems, we were given the opportunity of traveling to Tallinn Technical University in Tallinn, Estonia, and enrolling in their Master's in Cybersecurity Program. We gained an introduction into this high-demand and fast paced industry. We decided that this program would be an exceptional and rare opportunity and would allow us as students to grow in both our personal and professional lives.

Before reaching Estonia, we traveled through several cities in Western Europe to help make the most of our five-month stay outside of the U.S. Upon reaching Estonia, we joined together with many students from all over the globe to participate in this amazing opportunity to study cybersecurity. The large number of students present from such a diverse background reinforced the importance of the program and how valuable our time there would be.

During our four-month stay in Estonia, we took classes in cyber law, cyber warfare and security optimization within business organizations. The cyber law course helped us understand the difficulties that reside in legislating cyberspace and how quickly the very nature of the Internet evolves. In our cyber warfare course, we ran tabletop games that simulated large-scale, cyber attacks within an infrastructure and allowed students to learn the steps and the responses necessary to handle these situations. With our studies on how to invest in security for organizations, we understand the importance of spending the right amount of money to optimize security. These classes overall helped us to gain a baseline for what cybersecurity is and an overall understanding of its essential role in today's cyber environment. This experience has helped us to better evaluate our skills and determine our career goals after graduation.

The cultural aspects of the trip were incredibly beneficial as we were immersed in a different city for a whole semester. We had the opportunity to experience it with three roommates from Turkey and Ukraine. It was very interesting to tell stories about our lives in our respective countries and thus exchange cultural differences. We also had the opportunity to hear first-hand about the difficulties of living in the Ukraine especially because of the troubles they have with Russia. What we learned about Turkey is that it is a great place to visit, and we hope to plan a trip there in the future. We all had lots of time to get to know each other throughout the whole semester and still keep in touch today.

As far as the actual city of Tallinn, it sits right on the Baltic Sea, and the views from the highest points in the city are amazing. There is a lot of history in this culture, and the Estonians have a lot of pride due to the liberation from the Soviet Union. This experience was incredible because we had the opportunity to be tourists as well as actually be a part of the culture to fully understand what Estonians are all about. We would definitely recommend visiting Tallinn as it offers rich culture and beautiful sightseeing.

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