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Student Spotlight: Catherine Mucciolo

Catherine Mucciolo
Catherine Mucciolo

Graduating this May, I have had a mixture of excitement, nerves and uncertainty as the end of my final semester has been approaching. As I look back, I have grown professionally and personally as the Perdue School programs have grown significantly these past few years.

While I was visiting business schools my senior year of high school, the Perdue School stood out to me. I remember the dean telling me, "Catherine, you will be able to accomplish anything you're interested in here." The personal attention I have received in my education has enabled me to take a significant amount of opportunities at the Perdue School, including attending the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition this past May.

I am dual majoring in finance and business administration with an international concentration, with minors in accounting and Spanish. My courses have varied significantly, ranging from Spanish for Business, International Economics and Financial Derivatives. Out of all of the courses I have taken at the Perdue School, my favorite was International Case Analysis. I was able to apply my varied course knowledge to real-world international business cases, working with a team of four students in a mock-consulting setting. At the end of the semester, I was chosen as one of four students to represent the Perdue School in Montreal, Canada, at the case competition.

The week that we spent at JMUCC was one of the most stressful and exciting weeks of my life. We competed in three three-hour cases and one 24-hour case, where we were locked in a hotel room for 24 hours trying to solve the case! The competition was sponsored by companies who wanted consulting for their current business problems, so we were fortunate enough to have executives from those companies as our judge panels. Every day, we learned significantly from the judges' remarks as well as the other teams presenting. The other teams spanned the globe, including Thailand, Ireland and Singapore, just to name a few. It was interesting to see global business strategy through the eyes of another undergraduate. The relationships that we fostered with the other teams were unforgettable. One of my fellow teammates is even starting a blog after graduation with another delegate from Ireland!

Because of this course, I had the opportunity to visit Montreal, meet students from around the world and try new things I never expected – I ice skated on real ice and tried the local delicacy, poutine! The international business program at Perdue is growing exponentially and is giving students the opportunity to take the business knowledge they have learned here and apply it while studying or travelling abroad.

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