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Student Spotlight: James Crosby

James Crosby
James Crosby

My name is James Cosby and I am an M.B.A student in the Perdue School of Business. I grew up pretty close to Salisbury in Berlin, MD, which was recently named America’s coolest small town by budget travel. I attended McDaniel College in Westminster, MD, for undergrad between 2004-2008 and majored in business administration and earned a minor in accounting. I also played on the men’s soccer team at McDaniel and made most of my college friends through sports.

Since 2008 was just about the worst year ever to start a career, I took a couple years to have some fun before starting entering “the real world.” I worked as dock supervisor at a recreational marina in Ocean City and enjoyed the summer life in the area and getting to work outside all day. In 2010, I came across a job opening at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery that was a great match for me and I have been working there as the inventory coordinator ever since. I have since grown with the company and have taken on the logistics planning function so I get to schedule the trucks that take all the Dogfish beer that is sold throughout the country to our distributors. I can’t imagine working in an industry that is as fun and exciting as craft beer and being at one of the companies that is a benchmark in the industry is an awesome experience.

Soon after I started working at Dogfish, I decided to go back to school since the company would help with tuition. I also felt like there were a lot of classes in undergrad, specifically in management, that I missed out on taking since I didn’t start the business program at McDaniel until my sophomore year. I heard a lot of great things about Salisbury from friends who had gone there and the closeness to home made it a really great option.

I will be completing the M.B.A. program this spring and will be getting married to my fiancé Natalie a couple weeks after graduation. I can’t really say that I have a five-year plan; I just know I enjoy the industry I work in and the company I work for and the knowledge I’ve gained through the M.B.A. program at Salisbury will be a great asset when opportunity for advancement presents itself.

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