Employer Spotlight: Community Behavioral Health

Community Behavioral Health (CBH) is a Joint Commission Accredited Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) located on Eastern Shore Drive in Salisbury, with additional clinics in Cambridge and Centreville on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

CBH is a mental health service agency administered by Dr. Niru Jani, a neurologist and a psychiatrist, and Dr. Sushma Jani, a pediatrician and child and adolescent psychiatrist. Drs. Jani have been committed to serving the Eastern Shore community for nearly 10 years. CBH serves the Eastern Shore's adult and child populations with qualified psychiatrists, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRPs), social workers, therapists and dedicated staff who treat a variety of behavioral health conditions. CBH does not believe an individual or a family is simply an illness and attempts to redefine care. In addition to providing necessary medication and evidence-based therapy, the CBH PRP offers a combination of individual work toward rehabilitation goals (such as learning to pay rent, enforcing good study habits and daily structure) and group instruction in rehabilitative topics (such as health and social skills), activities and field trips.

CBH believes in collaboration, community involvement and partnership, education, and research. It has offered opportunities for undergraduate students at Salisbury University for internship from the Perdue School of Business and the health sciences programs. It also has partnered with the Physician Assistant Program at University of Maryland Eastern Shore and has a variety of trainee physicians from The George Washington University School of Medicine work in their clinics in order to broaden the horizons of future physicians who experience invaluable learning from the people of the Eastern Shore. CBH clinics consider it a privilege to have students and interns from Salisbury University to rotate and experience first hand evidence based clinical interventions. Working with clients and innovative ideas from its students and employees, CBH works to redefine and improve accessibility to quality mental health services through telepsychiatry, cutting edge research models and integration of education, health and lifestyle changes to improve the quality of life in the Eastern Shore.