Catchin' Up With...Sujana Regmi

Sujana Regmi
Sujana Regmi

My time at Salisbury University as a M.B.A. student and a senior graduate assistant at BEACON was wonderful and memorable. Of course, I have my friends, advisor, supervisors and professors to thank for in making my Salisbury education so delightful. My experience at Salisbury gave me exactly what I was hoping for and never let me down.

During my studies at Salisbury, I received an offer from KPMG Baltimore to join their audit team, which I gladly accepted. As such, after I completed my graduate degree in May 2013, I moved to Baltimore to start my career as an audit associate. During my time at KPMG, I was involved in auditing financial statements of many companies in a variety of industries. These include healthcare, financial institutions, manufacturing, construction and software. My career at KPMG taught me many skills from auditing, working in a big team, effectively communicating, managing, to rediscovering my purpose – which was not going to be continuing in public accounting. At this point, allow me to mention that I moved from KPMG Baltimore to KPMG Portland in 2014.

After my two years of experience as an audit associate at KPMG, I now work as a financial and capital planning analyst at Umpqua Bank in Portland, OR. My department is responsible for carrying out the Dodd Frank Act Stress Test for the bank, and I am in charge of ensuring the entire Stress Test Process is well-controlled. I assess risks of various components within the Stress Test and Forecasting process and identify/develop controls to address those risks.

Regarding my purpose, I don't see financial analysis as an end goal. So in addition to doing well at my work, I also have acquired a strong interest in learning about Austrian economics and U.S. foreign policy. Not to worry, I will not go on a political tangent here. However, my interest in these matters has led me to be a regular listener of various economic podcasts, such as EconTalk and Tom Woods Show, and follower of Mises Institute. I also recently have formed an informal book club in Portland, which meets every two weeks. In this book club, so far we have read Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt and are in a final chapters of a book called American Raj by Eric Margolis.

Apart from work and my intellectual interests, I enjoy living in Portland, while cherishing happy memories from Salisbury time and again. It is mostly raincoat-and-umbrella weather here, but I like to go for hikes, runs and bike rides when the weather permits. Lastly, I am grateful to the Perdue School of Business for providing me an opportunity to catch up with Salisbury folks, and I offer a special thanks to Yvonne Downie for reaching out to me.