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Employer Spotlight - Maryland Capital Enterprises

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So you want to start a business. Now what? Do you have a business plan? Have you done your market research? Have you identified your potential customers? Do you have the working capital necessary to get it off the ground?

There is no question that starting a business can be scary. But knowing there are resources out there to help can make all the difference.

Maryland Capital Enterprises, a non-profit agency based in Salisbury, was founded almost 17 years ago with that idea in mind.

MCE empowers individuals to succeed in business by giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals. Through business counseling, workshops and trainings, one-on-one mentoring, and financial help through micro loans, MCE can help small business owners start, expand and grow their businesses. 


It takes money to make money. That is the plain and simple truth in business. A shortfall of capital is one of the most commonly cited reasons why a company is unable to expand business and succeed. The prospect of getting financing for a start-up, even in a growing economy, is very difficult due to the fact that business owners lack operating experience and solid credit history.

MCE can help. If you’re a start-up for-profit business owner with 10 or less employees who has tried to receive a loan through a traditional lender or a bank and is located within MCE’s service area (eight counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties, or Baltimore City), you may be eligible for our assistance. Applicants must have a clearly established business idea and business plan and the ability to create full-time, part-time employment for low-to moderate income residents. You must be a U.S. citizen or legal alien, demonstrate ability to repay loan, and have reasonable credit history and payment records. 

Our loan packages range from $500 to $50,000 and have favorable repayment terms and low fees. Different loan packages target business startups, expansion of existing businesses, geographical areas such as near Ocean Downs casino for the state’s Casino Loan Fund, and credit builder funds. For more information, contact a business counselor at MCE to learn how MCE’s loan funds can help your business.


MCE offers free, one-on-one counseling for those looking to start a business or expand their business. They are advocates for entrepreneurship and promote small business in a variety of ways, one of which is participating in the various SU student competitions, either as a judge and/or a funding sponsor.


Want to learn how use Quickbooks? How about how to start a blog for your business to expand your customer base? MCE hosts a range of classes every month to help you brush up your skills or learn something new. 

If you’ve been thinking about opening a business, check out the First Steps in Starting Your Own Business class, which is free and offers valuable advice for any new entrepreneur. 

To learn more about what classes are offered, visit

Women’s Business Center

Two years ago, MCE decided to target women entrepreneurs with assistance through a Women’s Business Center. Located within the offices of MCE, the Women’s Business Center provides additional assistance through counseling, mentoring and loan packages geared toward women. 

Monthly networking lunches bring successful women together to learn from each other and share their experiences with the group. Special trainings for women also are held to teach business women a range of topics from social media to website design to obtaining minority certifications to help get government contracts. 

Mentoring is also available. MCE will pair a successful business woman with a new business owner to provide guidance and encouragement through the startup process. 


“Without MCE, Pemberton Coffeehouse would be a dream that never came true!,” said owner Alex Failaev. “Thanks to the entire office in Salisbury, we are proud to say that Pemberton Coffeehouse is a real working coffeehouse providing quality service to our community of Salisbury. The office helped us tremendously with any kind of paperwork, guidance, bureaucracy and support. It is good to know that there are people who believe in your dream, and who are willing to help you to realize it. Thank you Maryland Capital Enterprises for everything!”

“Maryland Capital Enterprises was a great help to me in starting my business,” said Carlos Gomez, owner of Gomez’s Barbershop in Salisbury. “They really educated me as I went through the process. They worked with me every step of the way in writing my business plan and gave me practical advice that I still use today. They also follow up with me and that helps me to stay focused and have someone that I can bounce ideas off of. I am so busy running my barbershop, and MCE helps me with the everyday aspects of running my business. Thank you to MCE for helping me out along the way!”

To learn more about MCE visit, or to make an appointment with a business counselor to start your path to entrepreneurship today, call 410-546-1900. 


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