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Student Spotlight: Romeo Clarke

Romeo Clarke
Romeo Clarke

My name is Romeo Clarke. I currently dual major in accounting and information systems and plan to graduate this May. After graduation, I will be sitting for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to accept an offer to begin my career in public accounting with PwC in the McLean office. I am very excited for this opportunity and anticipate seeing what the future will bring!

I am very happy that I am a student in the Perdue School of Business at Salisbury University. During my time at SU, I have been fortunate in having been taught by some of the best teachers in the profession. My decision to become an accounting major mainly was based on my classroom interactions with those influential teachers. Their passion for the profession transferred to me, leading me to seek opportunities within this field of study that others may deem impossible. For me, accounting is like the language of business. Through my teachers, I have learned that if I want to be successful within this field, I need to know the language well.

Although my academic career at SU has been an amazing experience, I would not have had the same success without two programs provided by SU’s Student Affairs Office. I was able to take advantage of the wide range of services provided by the Multicultural Student Services and TRiO Student Support Services programs. Through these programs, I have provided mentoring and tutoring to students of diverse backgrounds, helping them become successful during their stay at SU. Just as these programs helped me early in my academic career, I desire to help other students achieve their goals no matter their discipline or profession.

Clubs that I have been involved with on campus includes the Students of the Caribbean Association, Beta Alpha Psi, Institute of Management Accountants and other student-run organizations. After obtaining numerous on- and off-campus employment positions, the most impactful was my experience as a resident assistant, where I was able to serve the campus community through effective leadership.

As we excel in our careers, it is important to encourage those traveling similar paths that we have travelled. Supporting others in this manner will help them mature and learn from the mistakes and successes that we have experienced as mentors. Developing these positive relationships will also prepare them for their own mistakes and successes. I believe that we all were given unique capabilities that could be beneficial. We have something to offer to the generation coming after us. As we explore our gifts, talents and passions, we should seek to help others find and explore theirs as well.

Have a great semester students!

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