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Sales Students Practice with the "Pros"

What happens when you put a class of sales students in a room with a bunch of professionals from the community?

If you guessed “noise,” you are absolutely correct!
If you guessed “learning,” you get the gold star!

What better way is there to prepare students for the job fair than to have them learn to introduce themselves to one another in the classroom and then practice it with professionals a week before they need to be ready for the job fair and the “really important introductions”? Once again, students In Paula Morris’ classes had an opportunity to hone skills in a real setting.

Aaron Basko

Chris Wood and Cindy Shiffler

Dan Fletcher, Justin Carson
and Paula Morris

Brian Holloway and John Kerchner

Chris Wolfe and Michael Buckless

Alyssa Hicks and Dan Fletcher

Faye Wilson with student

Jennifer Layton and Amy Cullison

Jackie Evans

When surveyed, the professionals in the room had the following comments about SU’s students:

  • Most of the students were very conversational. The types of conversations we had varied greatly from student to student. As a whole they were very easy to speak with and well prepared.
  • Very respectful.
  • The students were engaged and were able to clearly state who they are and what their goals were. Some were more clear than others. Overall – this class had great potential!
  • Great group of students ... most were very personable and easy to speak with ... some inquired about internships and have followed up ... nice to connect the business community with students ... great job!
  • Most were very impressive. They made eye contact, offered a handshake (even the young man who’d just burned his hand) and prepared to participate in a conversation/interview.
  • Overall, all of the students displayed active listening, were fully engaged and maintained great eye contact. Some, however, lacked confidence in their answers to questions, particularly regarding their future. I encountered three types of students 1) 45 percent knew which company type they wanted to work with once graduated and had an action plan to get there. 2) 45 percent had no clue what they wanted to do and were hopeful to find anything available in their related field. 3) Less than 10 percent had a particular company or product/service that they want to work with once they graduated.

Thanks to all of the on- and off-campus volunteers (alumni and non-alumni). Organizers hope you’ll be back next semester!

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