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Student Spotlight: Christy Collins

Nicole (Oswald) Lauer

Future M.B.A. Grad, May 2017

I chose the 100 percent online M.B.A. program at the Perdue School of Business of Salisbury University to continue my pursuit of personal and professional goals. Prior to that decision, I had built a successful record of progression, both academically and in the work force. From advancing from associate’s to bachelor’s degrees, and numerous years in the human resources career track, I had developed a plethora of experience.

As a military spouse and mother, my career was placed on hold through numerous deployments and additional care needed by my children. That did not stop my ambition to maintain professional networks and continue service through business internships and volunteer work at multiple organizations. I wanted additional professional development to be more competitive in the work force, but I needed the flexibility to fulfill all of my other daily requirements. The Perdue School of Business’s online forum provided the best educational choice with the most flexibility to meet my aspirations.

Professional Goals
My near-term professional goal is to re-enter the work force with the latest best-business practices and a network of resources. I saw Salisbury University’s online master’s program as the means to achieve that end. The M.B.A. coursework has allowed me to develop advanced proficiency with concepts and applications in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and information systems.

Leading up to this point, my education and career path was stove-piped within the human resources niche. I chose to broaden my experience, breadth and depth in both business and my wheelhouse, human resources.

I truly enjoy this program and am overjoyed with the attention given by each of the professors. The best part about it is that the faculty and staff know my story and assist above and beyond my expectations. Among my professional goals are to gain more experience to be more competitive re-entering the work force. The faculty and staff recognized that and offered me the opportunity to be a part of a paid internship to help design, market and forecast revenue for a start-up business.

I strongly believe that forward progression in this master’s program will give me the edge I need to continue my career. Upon re-entering the workforce, my mid-term goal is to move from a human resources generalist role into an emerging leadership role. I am excited to blend the experience I’ve had in the past as a human resources generalist and the experience opportunities afforded to me at Salisbury University.

Thank You SU!
The 100 percent online M.B.A. program at the Perdue School of Business of Salisbury University has not only provided a flexible way to pursue my personal and professional goals, but also has provided significant work experience through amazing internship opportunities. The Salisbury University experience is one that has definitely helped me prepare and develop for the next step in my life.

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