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Another Successful SAP Certification Course

The fifth SAP ERP (TERP10) certification course was offered through the Information and Decision Sciences Department January 2-13 by Drs. Karen Papke-Shields and Kathie Wright. This class included 11 undergraduate students (current and just graduated) and two M.B.A. students from Salisbury University.

Although it was tough to start a two-week corporate training course on January 2 when most others had the day off, the group was dedicated and jumped right in. They spent two weeks attending class all day and then studying in the evening. Most would tell you it is a pretty grueling process, but the hard work paid off. All of the students successfully completed the certification exam and are now SAP Certified Associates in Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP. They demonstrated that they have the fundamental knowledge of the major business processes and SAP ERP required to be an entry-level SAP ERP consultant. Although they will not all pursue such a career, their understanding of the major business processes, the steps involved, the inputs and the results of each step, including all financial and managerial accounting implications, has prepared them to be productive members of organizations in a variety of roles. That is the case for this group with many of them currently starting a career or beginning an internship or full-time position this coming summer.

This certification course offers a unique opportunity to attain external validation of what has been learned in the ERP courses offered through the information and decision sciences (INFO) and accounting (ACCT) courses. The course materials and the certification exam are the same ones that practitioners get if they take the course from SAP Education; however, there are two big differences – the cost and the pass rate. Our students are fortunate to pay $1,040 for the course and exam compared to some $7,000 in the “real world” (of course that is a lot of money for a college student). Also, the global average pass rate is 65 percent, while our rate is 98 percent over the 41 undergrads and three M.B.A.s who have participated thus far. Finally, this external validation is recognized and appreciated by employers – even those that do not use SAP ERP – because the knowledge about business processes and use of an ERP system is useful regardless of the ERP system used.

The new SAP Certified Associates in Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP

The new SAP Certified Associates in Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP are (front from left) Ivy Coggins, Alberto Marroquin, (second row from left) Parris Stanford, Michael DeBenedetto, Sarah Rhoads, Brendon Morse, Joseph Clayton, Edwin Renderos, (third row from left) Scott Howser, Phoenix Peeples (M.B.A.), Alexis Roskovich (M.B.A.), Abbey Shobe and Inna Jevdokusina.

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