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Karen Papke-Shields earned a 2014 Faculty Appreciation Award. Read more: 

Roche, O., Freundlich, F., Shipper, F., & Manz, C. C. (2015). “Mondragon – ‘Cooperative Culture and the Globalization Process: When does the need for compromise become compromising?’” Presented at the Mid-Year Fellows Workshop in Honor of Louis O. Kelso. Rutgers University, NJ, January 11-13, 2015.

Christy Weer and her co-authors Marco DiRenzo (Naval Postgraduate School) and Jeff Greenhaus (Drexel University) had the manuscript, “Relationship Between Protean Career Orientation And Work-Life Balance: A Resource Perspective” accepted for publication in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Kashi Khazeh & Fati Salimian (co-authored with Bob Winder) published “Assessing Transaction Exposure Utilizing Value at Risk Approach: A Five-Year Evaluation." The Journal of Current Research in Global Business, Vol. 17, No. 28; Fall 2014: 13-25.

Dr. Amit Poddar and adjunct lecturer Darrell Wilson co-authored a paper titled "Teaching Networking to Sales Students: From 'How to' to 'Why', and will be presented to the National Conference in Sales Management in Houston on April 16. The paper was selected among many submissions using newness, innovativeness and practicality of teaching methods.

Wayne Decker, Tom Calo, Hong Yao and Christy Weer have published the article “Preference for Group Work in China and the U.S.” in the current issue of Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal. CCM is published by Emerald Publishing.

Morris, P., Lebaron, D., Arvi, L., published “Give Them a Toolkit: Demystifying the Job Search for Marketing Students?” in Marketing Education Review, Spring 2015 special edition on Teaching Innovations

Leonard Arvi’s interview with Nicole Edenedo on managing debt airs on WBOC TV on February 17, 2015.

Ying Wu's paper “Monetary-cum-Exchange Rate Nexus under Financial Repression: The Open-Economy Trilemma in China” is accepted for publication in the forthcoming issue of International Finance, a journal published by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ying Wu and Hong Yao's joint paper “Income Inequality, State Ownership, and the Pattern of Economic Growth – A Tale of the Kuznets Curve for China since 1978” is accepted for publication in Atlantic Economic Journal.

Ying Wu’s edited book was published in December 2014: Is the U.S.-China Economic Relation a Zero-Sum or Win-Win Game?, ed. Ying Wu and Shuguang Liu, Wuhan University Press, 222 pages. (in Chinese).

Ying Wu's article (joint with juan Zhang) “On the Economic Constraints for the US-China Commercial Diplomacy” (in Chinese) was reprinted in The Contemporary American Studies by Shanghai Institute of American Studies in 2014 (The article was published in 2013 in International Politics Quarterly, 35(4), pp. 83-98)

Ying Wu's article (joint with Xin Deng) “The Macroeconomic Impacts of China and Japan on the U.S. during Their Emerging Phases” (in Chinese) was published in New Finance (September, 2014, pp. 21-27) and will be reprinted in a forthcoming issue of Xinhua Digest (a top-tier interdisciplinary journal in China)

Ying Wu and Hong Yao presented their paper “Macroeconomic Expansions and Derailment from Poverty Reduction: Chinese Provincial Evidence in the 1990s” at the 8th Biennial Conference of Hong Kong Economic Association, Jinan, China, December 13-14,2014

Ying Wu was selected to serve in the Peer Review Committee on Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program in 2014 for the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The letter of acknowledgement that Wu received from the CIES reads: “Your participating in the peer review process ensured that highly qualified scholars and professionals whose proposals are well suited to the awards offered will represent American scholarship abroad through Fulbright. The candidates your committee recommended will enable the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, appointed by the U.S. president, to officially select U.S. Fulbright scholars for 2015-2016.”

An announcement about the book Shared Entrepreneurship: A Path to Engaged Employee Ownership – co-authored by Profs. Shipper, Adams, Brown, Calo, Decker, Hoffman, Roche, Street, M., Street, V., and Weer of management in the Perdue School – appeared in fourth quarter, 2014 Academy of International Business newsletter. The Academy of International Business (AIB) is the leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business.

Frank Shipper, professor of management, recently was invited to participate in Rutgers University’s Mid-Year Fellows Workshop in Honor of Louis O. Kelso. Read more.

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