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Student Spotlight: Mohammed Souass

Mohammed Souass
Mohammed Souass

My name is Mohammed Souass. I am from Essaouira, Morocco: An ancient Portuguese enclave dubbed Essaouira as the “wind city” and also known as the “Moroccan Woodstock.” I am mulling over if the city’s enchanted winds are responsible for bringing me this far, to endearing places. Here I am at Salisbury University, a place I value and cherish. I must admit, I never imagined that one day I would go back to college. It has been a long strenuous adventure, but the price has been invaluable.

Before I attended college, I performed as an aircraft mechanic for many years, first at Royal Air Morocco Airline, then at many MROs facilities (FAA-certified repair stations) in the United States. The work was fun and rewarding, but I felt something was missing. I needed to take an extra step to realize my full potential and self-esteem. Nothing can do that as well as pursuing knowledge and giving back to society.

I got a job assignment in the Delaware area and decided to steer the helm of my career and go back to college. To begin with, I attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore for an undergraduate degree in aviation science and a minor in business administration. After that, I enhanced my education with SU’s M.B.A. Program in the Perdue School of Business.

I used “StumbleUpon” to gain information about which program I should I get in, and it was after long and thoughtful research that I finally chose the SU program over others. I came to realize that the SU program is a very respectable one. I learned that one of the leading universities in Grenoble, France, teamed up with the Perdue School for admitting students from France.

Now, I am in my second semester in the program and graduation is looming. I am sure this program has given me the knowledge and the aptitude to be a leader in various business environments. SU’s M.B.A. coursework, the honorable faculty and the multi-diverse student body have created an enjoyable learning environment for me to thrive. For the said reasons, I am taking this opportunity to thank all the people who have made my experience at SU enjoyable and possible. I thank the ones I know and the ones I do not know. Many work in the shadows and their work is as critical and meaningful for making all this possible. Thank you.

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”

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