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Faculty Publications

Faculty in the Management and Marketing Department rang in the new year with a plethora of publications.

In late 2013, three of the 30 cases published in the 11th edition of Strategic Management from Cengage were authored or co-authored by SU faculty. Focusing on employee-owned companies, the articles included:

  • “Equal Exchange: Doing Well by Doing Good” by Dr. Frank Shipper of SU, Benita Harris, associate pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Salisbury, Karen Manz, independent author and researcher, and Charles Manz, professor at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst;
  • “Herman Miller: An On-Going Case of Reinvention and Renewal” by Shipper and Dr. Stephen Adams of SU, and Karen and Charles Manz; and
  • “Principled Entrepreneurship and Shared Leaderhip: the Case of TEOCO (The Employee Owned Company)” by Shipper and Drs. Thomas Calo and Olivier Roache, all of SU.

“This textbook is one of the biggest sellers worldwide and is published in multiple languages,” said Shipper. “This means that not only will students be exposed to collaborative employee ownership cultures, but also it will bring worldwide recognition to the Perdue School and SU.”

The TEOCO case also was published in the 11th edition of the Cengage book Strategic Management: Theory and Cases. In addition, the Herman Miller case was published in the fourth edition of Essentials of Strategic Management from McGraw-Hill.

Shipper also was invited to author a review of video resources available for use in management classrooms, published in the December edition of the Academy of Management Learning and Education’s academic journal.

In addition, he contributed to the documentary We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream, produced by the Foundation for Enterprise Development. The film was selected for multiple festivals in 2013, earning the Feature Colorado Spotlight Award at the Indie Spirit Festival and the State award for Best Documentary Short at the California Independent Film Festival.

In early 2014, the article “SRC Holdings: Winning the Game While Sharing the Prize” was published in the Journal of Business Case Studies. Authored by Drs. Vera Street, Marc Street, Christy Weer and Shipper, all of SU’s Management and Marketing Department, the case focused on employee ownership at SRC Holdings Corporation, a Missouri-based manufacturing firm.

Additional studies by SU’s management and marketing faculty in recent years have been referenced by national media, including MSNBC and The Wall Street Journal, and featured on the Aspen Institute’s CasePlace website.

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