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Student Spotlight: Chris Wyatt

Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt

As an undergraduate at Salisbury University, the idea of studying abroad seemed out of reach until I found out about the dual-degree exchange program offered in cooperation with Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. The program consists of one year abroad earning a master’s in management and returning to Salisbury University for the second year to complete the accelerated M.B.A. program (including a graduate assistant position).

Studying abroad opened my eyes to a multi-faceted world that many people unfortunately aren’t able to experience. The master’s in management program included students from at least 15 different countries, sometimes more. It was very interesting, for example, to sit in a class on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) while discussing the “Great Firewall of China” and simultaneously being able to get input from four Chinese students in relation to life under a different form of government and learning what they thought about their own experience studying abroad.

Once abroad, traveling to other countries becomes extremely economical. I visited 27 countries on three continents thanks to an elaborate rail system in Europe, discount airlines in Asia and thrifty backpacking in Egypt. While visiting these countries, straying from the tourist traps and mingling with locals, I witnessed severe poverty. It had a tremendous impact on my beliefs; I now champion recycling: leftovers in the fridge are given a taste test, not just a smell test before deciding what is edible and what is not (soon, the food will be going into a newly acquired compost bin!). Most importantly, I look at the amount of waste and inefficiency that occurs every day and no longer turn a blind eye. Studying abroad has changed me for the better, creating a desire to do better.

Overall, the Salisbury University M.B.A. appealed to me because I found tremendous value in the accelerated schedule that lowers the opportunity costs while also equipping me with a well-rounded understanding of the business environment. After graduation, I plan to work for the family business, CRW Flags, Inc. Applying what I learned as an information systems undergraduate and adding the graduate-level knowledge of management will surely help me to take the business to the next level. The M.B.A. has given me the confidence and assurance that tackling large problems is no match for hard work, determination and an openness for the unknown.


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