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Catchin’ Up With … Marcus C. Harley

Marcus C. Harley
Marcus C. Harley

Wow, it is very hard to imagine that it is going on 21 years since I had the honor of graduating from Salisbury University. My education and the life lessons I have learned during my years at Salisbury have truly served me well over the years. My career path has been an exciting and interesting one, to say the least. Directly after graduating with a dual degree in marketing and management, I began my career at CellularOne (now AT&T Wireless) during the infancy period of mobile technology. After my great experience at CellularOne, I was given the opportunity to become the business manager for a church ministry with over 500 members located in Washington, D.C.

I often tell the story in my professional speaking opportunities that the experience of leading the business and operations for that ministry really allowed me to leverage all of the skills and knowledge I’d gain from my years at Salisbury. It made me a more effective leader and business person than any of my previous positions.

For the last six years, I have had the pleasure of working with PNC Bank, beginning my career with them as a branch manager in the Washington, D.C., area. After multiple successes and growth opportunities I now find myself in sunny Florida as the regional vice president for the “Space Coast” region in Brevard County, FL. I am currently responsible for the leadership and oversight of 15 community branch locations and approximately 125 team members. In my new role, I have also had the tremendous opportunity to serve on multiple community-based organizations’ boards of directors. I am also developing a professional speaking and training organization, Creating Life Champions, which allows me to help organizations and individuals in increasing their leadership acumen as well as developing and creating the life of their dreams.

On a personal note, I have an amazing and supportive wife, Maureen, and four incredibly talented and intelligent children (Corrine, 18; Ashle’, 13; Brandon, 12; and Kaitlyn, 4).

I am so proud to say that my oldest daughter Corrine recently was accepted into Salisbury University with a plan of pursuing a dual program in pre-law and business administration to assist her in achieving her goal of becoming an entertainment lawyer in the very near future and I could not be prouder.  

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