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Bob Wood
Bob Wood

Please allow me to introduce my Executive Advisory Council members. The purpose of the group is to assist, advise and support the Perdue School and to help guide the school to continue to improve the quality of its business education programs. The council has three main efforts:

  1. The group advises the dean and other Perdue School constituencies with respect to school strategy, programs delivered, business trends and other pertinent issues likely to affect the school.
  2. The group serves as an advocate for the school with business and other stakeholders.
  3. The group assists the school and the University in the cultivation of external support.

The Council meets as a group twice a year and works in committees and targeted groups throughout the rest of the year. Standing committees include the Executive Committee, the Business Leadership Award Committee, the Membership Nomination Committee and others. The targeted groups work with faculty and departments on curricula review and design, student placement, and other areas.

The group is extremely active and energized. They’re working hard to advance the Perdue School. Their interest and activity has had one unexpected consequence; the bylaws of the group had to be changed to allow for more members.

The Executive Advisory Council chair is Bruce Rogers. Rogers is the owner of Sherwood of Salisbury. He also serves SU as a member of the SU Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors. He assumed the chair in January after two years as vice chair, and I’m extremely excited about his leadership for the next two years. His immediate predecessor for the past two years was Tim Shearer. Shearer is a managing partner with Price Waterhouse Coopers in Atlanta. He became chair soon after my arrival and is one of the primary reasons that the council has become the driving force that it has. Doug Wilson, the managing principal of Private Wealth Partners in Annapolis, is the new vice chair. Wilson has served as chair of the Membership Nomination Committee and is a long-time member of the group. I look forward to working more closely with him.

Before I introduce the other members, I give special recognition to two individuals who have served the Perdue School as members of the council since its inception. Dee Marshall and Joe Ollinger recently have retired from active membership and have assumed Emeritus Member status. Ollinger is a former chair of the council and has been a member of the Executive Committee since I arrived. Marshall is the former chair of the Business Leadership Award Committee. They’ll be recognized formally at the April meeting; I appreciate their long service to the council and the Perdue School.

Members of the Executive Advisory Council from the Salisbury area include Eileen Burza, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Perdue Farms; Mike Cottingham, president and chief executive office of Rommel Holdings; Bunky Dolle, president of Dolle’s Candyland; Steve Evans, vice president of retail sales and marketing of Perdue Farms; Sandy Fitzgerald Angello, vice president and dealer operator of Pohanka; Carol Haltaman, senior vice president of Handy International; Henry Hanna, senior advisor of Sperry Van Ness Miller Commercial Real Estate; Kathy Kiernan, senior vice president of APPI Energy; Dr. Woody Miller, a retired chief executive office of several companies; Jim Morris, president of Shore Distributors; Greg Olinde, executive vice president of The National Bank of Cambridge; John Paredes, vice president of Maryland & Delaware Railroad; Lynn Parsons, chief financial officer of Harvard Custom Manufacturing (retired); Monty Sayler, senior vice president of Bank of America; Tom Trice of TGM Group; and Jeff Turner, a retired banker.

Members from outside of the Salisbury area include John Allen, senior vice president with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney; Sam Calagione, president of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Warren Citrin, founder of Gloto; Bruce Cort, president of Cort and Associates; Dan Cowens, vice president of operations of Towne Park; Jim Francis, chief executive officer of Chesapeake Lodging Trust; Clay Henry, managing director of PNC Wealth Management; Ron McGann, managing director of J.P. Morgan; Craig Moore, partner at Risk & Regulatory Consulting; Bob Moyle, executive vice president of Payflex Systems USA (retired); Pat Royak, senior vice president and managing director of International of Maidenform; and J. Michael Scarborough, president of Scarborough Capital Management.

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