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Global Programs

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Study Abroad Programs, Internships, and Advising


The Perdue School of Business at Salisbury University recognizes that the opportunity for its students to study abroad is an enhancement to their education and encourages every student who is interested in this form of study to seek assistance in choosing a program to fit their needs.

Perdue Sponsored Programs

The Perdue School of Business currently offers an annual winter-term program of international business study in various overseas locations. This program is 3.5 to four weeks in duration beginning and ending with classes at Salisbury University for academic purposes, travel preparation, examination and concluding components. Two weeks of the program is spent abroad. During this two week period, students will receive classroom instruction, visit leading businesses engaged in international activities, meet with ranking members of the business community as guest speakers and participate in cultural activities.

Independent Programs

A wide variety of study abroad programs exist to fit every interest, budget and location in the world. The Office of the Global Programs Administrator has information on a multitude of programs. The Office also provide study abroad advising to assist student in the study abroad process from program selection to credit transfer to document assistance. In addition, with easy access to the Internet, it is now a simple task to "surf the web" in search of information on study abroad programs or individual schools.

Students interested in study abroad programs should consider the following:

  1. Quality and reputation of the program.
  2. Foreign language requirements if applicable.
  3. Total costs of program-tuition, room & board, supplies, travel, books and extras (i.e. personal spending).
  4. Course credit transfers.
  5. Medical insurance coverage (International Student Identity Card required by Salisbury University).
  6. Timing for application materials, passports, etc.


The Salisbury University Center for International Education (SUCIE) encourages and supports students in studying abroad. SUCIE serves as a guidance center for students wishing to study abroad and helps students prepare for their study abroad experience with Salisbury University as well as with our affiliate programs. The Center for International Education also welcomes students who have come to study at Salisbury University from other countries.

Useful Links

Study Abroad

Travel Information

Internships & Volunteer

Work Abroad

Teaching Abroad

Independent Programs

  •  South America
  •  Australia
  •  Europe
  •  Africa
  •  Multi-Country
  •  Intern with AIFS

Students are able to search for schools in Australia and New Zealand to find the one that best fits their needs. Students can choose up to two (2) areas of interest to begin a school search. After an initial search, students can narrow the search further by selecting clubs of interest, campus/city size, and territory.

Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)
Students begin by selecting business and each option changes from there. As students get more particular with the program they are interested in, the search gets narrower providing only possible further options.

International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Provides students with opportunities to take business classes in various countries with international students. Some programs have requirements of language or GPA. Programs are offered during summer, semester, and/or year terms of study.

  •  Central/South America
  •  Europe

Provides students with a choice to choose between three countries (South Africa, Ireland, Britain) with a number of colleges and universities in each country. A ‘Search by Major’ option on the Homepage allows students to find schools that best fit their major. Students can start by selecting Business/Commerce (subject), then by major. The schools listed change depending on major.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

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