Core Courses

ECON 441 International Economics
Study of the basic economic concepts and theories for international business, international trade and finance, commercial policy, and foreign investment and multinational firms. Prerequisites: ECON 211, 212; MATH 155

MGMT 422 Management of the Multinational Business
Provides students with an understanding of the unique features that characterize the multinational enterprise. Emphasis on the changing context in which business in conducted on a global scale. Prerequisite: MGMT 320

MKTG 423 International Marketing Study of the decision-making process in marketing products and services across national boundaries. Examination of the design and modification of marketing strategies. Identification of potential markets with consideration of product, price, promotion and distribution decisions within the restraints of a particular cultural, economic and political setting. Prerequisite: MKTG 330

FINA 447 International Financial Management Analysis of the foreign exchange markets, exchange rate behavior and risk management, international trade financing, country risk analysis, international banking and the role of direct foreign investment. Prerequisite: C or better in FINA 311.

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