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Core Business Knowledge Exam

The Perdue School of Business has set specific and measurable learning goals. The very first of these learning goals states that upon graduation, students will be knowledgeable about business concepts and able to apply that knowledge. To ensure that this goal is being met, the Core Business Knowledge exam was designed to measure student learning. 

This is a comprehensive online (via MyClasses) multiple-choice exam that covers topics in each of the core business courses (both upper and lower division courses, as stated on your major checklist).  Calculators may be used - you need to provide your own and it cannot be a cell phone. You will be given a variety of dates and times to sign up for the exam.   It is important that you be sure to attend the time signed up for as space is very limited.

For PSB's purposes, the results of the exam are aggregated and analyzed based on specific items and clusters (e.g., topics in finance). The PSB can then determine if, as a whole, students are or are not learning what we are intending them to learn before graduating. As a result, course content can be reevaluated, ensuring continuous improvement. Basically, your results will benefit future students.

For your purposes, a minimum score of 60 must be attained to satisfy this requirement for BUAD 400.  A study guide is available in Myclasses.
To see the schedule for this semester or sign up for this exam please click here

If you have any questions regarding this please contact Tammy Donaway, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator.