Holloway Hall

SU's PeopleSoft Team

Executive Sponsor

The executive sponsor for the project will be Richard A. Pusey, Vice President for Administration and Finance.  Mr. Pusey will provide overall guidance for the project at the campus level, serve on the USM PeopleSoft Project Steering Committee, and insure that sufficient financial and human resources are available to support the project.

Core Project Team

The Core Project Team is responsible for planning and completing the implementation of the PeopleSoft software.  The team is made up of the project manager, functional leads and technical. This group will develop the project scope and complete the tasks necessary arrive at a successful implementation.  This group is the first local line of authority and will make decisions that effect the project on a day to day basis.

The Team Leads are:

Project Manager  Jerry Waldron
Technical Lead     Ken Kundell
Student Administration Jane Dane
Human Resources  Charlotte Ganoe
Contributor Relations Rhonda Livingston
Financials  Betty Crockett



Module Leads and Key Players

The Module Leads and key players are responsible for the successful implementation of the PeopleSoft product in their areas.  Since the product is highly integrated, modules and functions across the campus will be interdependent.  The success of the project is dependent on the success of the team. This group will work very closely with the Core Project Team. 

The Module Leads are:

Admissions Jane Dane/Gary Grodzicki
Registration and Records Ross Leisten
Financial Aid Barri Zimmerman
Accounts Receivable Debbie Barnes
Advising Charlene Matthews
Software Management Jeanette Wolinski
Campus Community  
Portal Development Ken Kundell/Scott Bassford
Technical Gurus Jeanette Wolinski, Brent Wilhelm and Troy Donaway