Holloway Hall

Latest News - Updated June 22, 2008

GullNet Update

SU has now been live on PeopleSoft,  or GullNet as we know it,  for 5 years.  Time sure does fly. SU uses PeopleSoft for all areas of student administration,  human resources,  financial management,  and contributor relations. This provides a host of web based services to the campus. Interacting with web services has advanced from being strategic to being a base line expected service. Students and faculty do pretty much everything they need to do for class management on the web.


We have added a number of other web based programs to broaden the services to other areas not covered by PeopleSoft.  We utilize the iStrategy business intelligence tool set,  the Welcome Mat residence life management system,  the NuVison one Card system for debit purchasing and building entry, the CollegeNet admissions application,  and the Sallie Mae payment system to complete the array of services. The list keeps growing.


In late December 2007, SU upgraded to 9.0 version of PeopleSoft from the 8.0 version.  We were one of the first campuses in the United States to do so. What does this mean for students and faculty? There is a new look and feel and more integrated pages presenting class information, billing data, advisor and advisee information, and many other things.  No functionality will be going away.  The reviews from faculty and students have been great.  Thanks to Jeanette Wolinki and the users from the student services and human resources.