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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this?

Salisbury has been using its current enterprise software (SCT/IA 88.1) to run the many business functions of the university since the mid 1980’s.  This system does not allow for Internet access and is not geared toward self-service.  In this new technology era, expanded services through the Internet is expected. Our current system also has limitations in file size and does not lend itself to modification.  In a changing academic and business environment,  we need more flexibility in a system.

What can we expect in terms of web based self-service features?

The PeopleSoft products will be brought on-line in phases,  not all at once.  PeopleSoft is a very robust product with extensive functionality that SU cannot provide with its current system.  Not all functionality will be in place when the individual modules go live. Scope for each product will be determined and full functionality will be phased in over time.

When the products are fully implemented some of the things that students will be able to do include:

  • Apply for admission
  • Register for classes
  • Check grades
  • Maintain address and other personal information
  • Pay bills and monitor accounts
  • Check degree status online
  • Create a personal web portal page on which students decide what they want to see

Some of the services provided to faculty and staff includes:

  • Maintain personal addresses and other data
  • Monitor retirement and leave information
  • Faculty will be able to grade classes via the web
  • Class rosters will be available
  • Room scheduling
  • Budget administrators will be able to check accounts
  • Customized reports will be available

When will this happen?

The process of migrating to PeopleSoft has already begun. We tentatively expect to start “rolling out” these products in the summer 2002, with Admissions Recruiting.  Student Records and Registration, Financial Aid and the Cashiers functions will follow through 2003. Human Resources is scheduled to begin implementing in December 2002. Financials is scheduled to go live January 2004. Dates and milestones are tentative at this time.

Who will be working on the project?    

Many different people will be working on this project.  There will be core project team,  but other teams will be formed by functional area and on a campus wide basis. The list of players will be very long. This is a campus wide project with campus wide benefits. A listing of some of the key players appears on the team link.

  • Executive sponsor – Vice President for Administration and Finance

  • Core Project Team

  • Module Leads

  • Communications Team