Additional Collaborative Resources for Mentor Workshops

  • Mentor Training Narrative - (doc)  This document provides a narrative to assist in the delivery of the training. A time table, list of materials, step by step procedures and answers to FAQ's is provided.
  • SU Mentor Training - (ppt)  This powerpoint defines co-teaching, establishes why we co-teach and outlines the four basic models of co-teaching.
  • Co-Teaching Lingo - (doc)  This document provides a list of 25 different co-teaching strategies and their definitions.
  • SU Mentor Brochure - (pdf)  Tri-fold color brochure designed for mentors to use as a quick reference guide for hosting an intern and co-teaching.
  • Co-Teaching Tools - (doc)  A booklet containing several documents used by mentors and interns to enhance the co-teaching experience including a co-teaching lesson plan template.
  • Co-Teaching Scenarios - (doc)  These scenarios are designed for small groups of mentors to work through typical classroom scenarios and apply different co-teaching strategies they can use with their intern.
  • Workshop Sign-in Sheet - (doc) Participants need to print their legal name in the appropriate box at the beginning of the training and then sign their name at the end of the training representing their willingness to co-teach.

Mentor/Intern Forum Resources

  • Mentor-Intern Forum PowerPoint (Original) - (ppt)
  • Successful Internships don't Just Happen PowerPoint (Modified) - (ppt)
  • Sample Mentor-Intern Forum Agenda - (doc)
  • Values & Self Discovery Exercise - (doc)
  • Mentor Attributes - (doc)
  • Intern Attributes - (doc)

Additional Co-teaching Resources

  • Are We Really Co-Teachers? - (doc)
  • Co-Teaching Lesson Plans - (doc)
  • Issues for Discussion & Planning - (doc)
  • Phenomenological Study - (doc)
  • RSSE Mentor-Intern Reflection - (doc)
  • SU Co-Teaching Strategies - (doc)
  • Typical Workshop Agenda - (doc)

Presentations, Studies & Workshops

  • The Phenomenon of True Collaboration - (ppt)
  • More Than a Road Map- (ppt)
  • Co-Teaching Revisisted - (ppt)
  • RAIS - (ppt)
  • X-Millenials Tech - (ppt)
  • Collaborative Voices - (ppt)
  • Collaboration Two Point O - (ppt)
  • Tech to Enchance Co-Teaching - (ppt)
  • Maryland Summer Institute: Mentor/Intern Forum on Co-teaching - (ppt)
  • Publishing Your Action Research Template Visual Tool - (doc)