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Payroll Forms

Payroll Authorization
Pay Distribution
Direct Deposit
W4 Withholding Forms

Student Change of Rate
Policy Sign Off Form for Students

Payroll Authorization Forms

The following forms have been created to standardize requests for payment to non-hourly contractual employees.  To ensure timely payment, please begin using them immediately.

Pay Distribution Form

Contracts cannot be processed without a W4 form and a direct deposit form.  If Payroll receives a contract for an employee without W4 and direct deposit forms, either on file already, or attached to the contract, the contract will be returned to the department until the forms are received.  This will cause a delay in processing payroll for the employee.

Direct Deposit Form


Click the link below to access the current W4 form.

Student Change of Rate

If possible, please make pay rate changes effective at the start of a new pay period.  This will avoid split rate calculations.

Policy Sign Off Form (Students)

This form indicates that a student has received and reviewed the University policies on sexual harrassment and drug use in the workplace.

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