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Student Safety Tips - A Guide for Parents

Recent Safety Communications

At the very foundation of our mission and vision, Salisbury University is committed to cultivating a community where the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is of prominent importance. It is our goal to assist in the process of educating all members of our community on the policies, procedures, and expectations that support the development of a safe and secure environment in which to live and learn.

As parents and family members, we strongly encourage you to engage in meaningful conversation with your student regarding their safety while they are attending Salisbury University. Provided below is an overview list of safety considerations for your student.

  • Protect your personal information. Do not share pin numbers, social security numbers or other pertinent information for anyone to see.
  • Protect yourself online, with cell phones, instant and text messaging. Do not provide detailed personal information on Facebook or Do not leave detailed information on away messages. Do not give out personal information to people that you have met online.
  • Study the campus and neighborhood with respect to routes between your residence and class/activities schedule. Know where emergency phones are located.
  • Share your class/activities schedule with parents and a network of close friends, effectively creating a type of "buddy" system. Give network telephone numbers to your parents, advisors, and friends.
  • Always travel in groups and never walk alone at night. Avoid "shortcuts". Utilize the shuttle service, SAFERIDE and University Police Escort system when necessary.
  • Do not be alone with someone you just met.
  • Always carry your ID with you. Do not lend it to anyone.
  • The residence halls are locked 24/7. Always keep your room locked, do not prop doors, and do not let anyone you do not know into the building. Do not leave identification, wallets, jewelry, or other valuables in open view.
  • Off campus students should evaluate the safety of the residence, neighborhood, and route to the University before signing a lease.
  • Never get in a car with someone under the influence and do not operate a vehicle yourself after consuming alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • Do not tamper with safety and security systems (blue lights, emergency telephones, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, locked doors). False alarms create an apathy that reduces effectiveness when there is a real emergency. Report any incident of tampering with fire and safety equipment.
  • Know where emergency exits are located and always pay attention to fire alarms.
  • Report any illegal activities and suspicious behavior to University Police.
  • Be knowledgeable and abide by all University policies and procedures. Do not engage in high risk drinking behaviors. If you or anyone you know has over consumed alcohol and/or any other drug, seek assistance immediately. Do not worry about getting someone "in trouble". The safety and well being of the person is most important.
  • Check your University email and website for important communication and emergency messages. If you use an alternate email address, forwarding the campus email account is quick and directions are available at the Information Technology office.

Please understand that campus safety is a responsibility of every community member. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to utilize the resources of the University website or contact the Office of Student Affairs at (410) 543-6080.

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