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Family Weekend 2010

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The reunions were relaxed and warm during SU’s Family weekend. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings enjoyed one another’s company as they strolled the grounds and saw SU through the eyes of their students. Fans flocked to Sea Gull Stadium to see the SU football team take on Hampden-Sydney College. Family members had the opportunity to sit in on classes, take construction tours of the new home of the Perdue School of Business, and have brunch with President Janet Dudley-Eshbach and other SU administrators. Parents got to sample the winners of University Dining Services’ annual “Recipes From Home” dinner while watching Academy Award nominee Elaine May’s play Hotline. Tom Anderson of SU’s Bobbi Biron Theatre Program directed the dark comedy into a light, laugh-out-loud performance that showcased the talent of the student actors. Despite some showers, several parents also hit the links with their children during the annual Family Weekend Golf Challenge.

Comments heard during the day included praise for the campus’ appearance, compliments for the food and excitement about the opening of new buildings next year. “We’re very glad our son is attending Salisbury,” said one parent, a sentiment echoed by many.