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Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement





Faculty Syllabi By Discipline




Communication, Media and Concepts of the Public

Writing in the Public Interest

Facilitating Corporate Social Responsibility

Cases in Applied Communication-Community and Civil Rights

Communication, Community and Transformation


Individual & Community Seminar

Philosophy 206

Building A Civil Society


Socio-Cultural Studies in Education

Leadership for the Public Good

Sociology of Education

Political Science:

Graduate Seminar: Red State, Blue State–Polarization and Public Policy in America

The Good Society in the New Century:Introduction to Alternative Political-Economic Systems

Networks and Public Management Course

Innovations in Democratic Governance: Solving Public Problems Course

Political Deliberation

Democracy and Justice

Introduction to Public Service Leadership

Citizenship, Policy and Regime: Debates in Contemporary Democratic Theory


Sustainability and the Built Environment

Chemistry Requirements

HIV/AIDS and Its Biological and Social Impact

Public Engagement in Science

Civil Engineering, Traffic Flow Theory

Groundwater Hydrology and Contaminant Fate and Transport on Geologic Systems


Major Themes in American Studies—“Civic America”

Active Citizenship in a Multicultural World

Conversations on Identity, Diversity, Democracy and Community





Organizations and Behavior


Product Policy


Service Operations Management