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Town / Local / State Governments

Previous Faculty Student Research Projects for Town / Local / State Governments have included the following:

Fall 2006
"Preserving the Past for the Next Generation"
              They conduct oral history interviews of local community
              Faculty Leader - Dr. Clara Small (History)
"Fertilizer use and user perceptions for agricultural and residential
              applications in the Wicomico River watershed"            
              Faculty Leaders - Dr. Judith Stribling (Biology)
                       and Dr. Mara Chen (Geography)
"Developing news broadcasts for the WXSU radio station to the SU and
             local community"
             They developed daily reports, a weekend news magazine and a
                   monthly community forum.
             Faculty Leader - Dr. Darrell Newton (Communication and Theater

Summer 2006
"A Plan for a Visioning process for the City of Salisbury"
              Faculty Leader - Dr. Rachel Goldberg (Sociology)

Spring 2006
"4 - 2 and Beyond: A Case Study of Town-Gown Relationships"
        Student Ashley Butler created a report on the 4 -2 controversy and
        larger issues surrounding it as a case study in town-gown relations.
        Faculty Leader - Dr. Haven Simmons (Communication Arts)
"Ethics and Legislation in Annapolis"
        Student Chris Norman is working on this project
        Faculty Leader - Dr. Francis Kane
               (Philosophy Department and PACE)

Fall 2005
Revision of the "Democracy and College Student Voting Report" -
        Student Corey Unangst researched and updated this report.
        Click here to see the latest version of this report.
        Faculty Leader - Dr. Michael O'Loughlin (Political Science)

Fall 2004
Selling Downtown: Rhetoric, Writing, and Urban Renewal" - the team
          worked with Urban Salisbury, a local, non-profit urban renewal
          group.  The project focused on the rhetorical challenges faced by
          the group as it works to bring new life to downtown Salisbury.

          Faculty Leader - Dr. Thomas Moriarty (English)"Improving Recycling
          in Salisbury" - the student team worked with the
          Wicomico Environmental Trust and the Wicomico County and City
          of Salisbury Governments on this project.
           Faculty Leader - Dr. Joan Maloof (Biology)

Summer and Fall 2003/Winter 2004

Maryland Coastal Bays Aquatic Sensitive Areas Initiative

During the summer and fall of 2003 and the winter of 2004 we
          facilitated a project for the Maryland Coastal Bays Program and the
          Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  This project was
          funded by grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
          Administration (NOAA) and a grant from the Maryland Department
          of Natural Resources.  
          The goal of this project was to develop an education/management
          plan for the aquatic sensitive areas of Maryland's coastal bays. 
          This project had three components (a technical component, an
          outreach component and an management/education component). 
          Student Researcher - Michele Vinbury
          Team Leader - Pauline Gehnrich

Summer/ Fall 2003

Wicomico County Revenue Cap Impact Study Plan Development -
         Conducted research to develop a plan for how to monitor and
         analyze the effects of the revenue cap (that was instituted in
         November 2000) over its first three years of implementation.  This
         was funded by a grant from the Community Foundation of the
         Eastern Shore.    
         Consultant Team Leader - Amy Liebman
         Faculty Team Leader - Dr. Harry Basehart

Spring 2003

City of Salisbury's Housing Task Force -
         Conducted Research on Housing Issues for the City's Task Force
         Student Researchers - Sara Chaconas, Derek Tully, Christy Weisner
         Consultant Team Leader - Ruth Baker (BEACON)

Spring 2002

Town of Berlin -
        "Wage and Compensation Project"  -
        Student Researchers - Candace Knox and Thomas Paparounis
        Consultant Team Leader - Mitzi Scott

Spring 2001

City of Salisbury -
      "Recycling II: A Report " submitted to the City of Salisbury’s Mayor, 
       Director of Public Works and Recycling Coordinator" 
       Student Researchers – Jennifer Banham, Erin Elder, Jesse Larson,
               Daniel Saloman
       Faculty Team Leader - Dr. Joan Maloof (Biology)

Spring 2000

City of Salisbury -
         Salisbury Mayor - Council / Council - Manager Referrendum
         Student Researcher - Kristen McFadden - 
         Faculty Team Advisors - Dr. Francis Kane and Dr. Harry Basehart 
Town of Snow Hill - "Policy Options for Increasing Town Revenue in the
          Town of Snow Hill: A Comparative Examination of Selected
          Demographic and Economic Indicators"  
          Student Researchers - John Hozik and Sara Jean Qureshi
          Mapping Science Student Researcher - Lindsay White
          Faculty Team Advisor - Dr. Jill L. Caviglia (Economics)
City of Salisbury - "Recycling I: Recycling Analysis of Salisbury's Recycling
         Student Researchers - Daniel Twilley, Pete Curan and Sarah
         Faculty Team Leader - Dr. Joan Maloof (Biology)

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