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Presidential Citizen Scholar Program


The Presidential Citizen Scholar Program is a multi-faceted, civic engagement experience that prepares students to become community leaders now and in the future. The program is by Presidential invitation only. Students who are invited to apply submit their application to PACE for review.

The Scholars program offers students of all majors and levels of experience opportunities to become engaged in the political life of the community and to develop habits of democratic citizenship.  Students who complete the requirements of this program receive a certificate and distinctive recognition as "Presidential Citizen Scholars."

This program builds on SU's mission statement "to empower students with knowledge, skills, and core values that contribute to lifelong learning and active citizenship in a democratic society."

Presidential Citizen Scholars Class of 2015  


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           Maya Alexander       Anuradha Balaggan    Hussain Choudhary        Shelby Farrell

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         Meagan Harison               Julia Marie              Karina Norwood         Katherine Potvin

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                            Emily Rittenour            Robert Stancil              Jana Wallen