Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement




Presidential Citizen Scholar Program


The Presidential Citizen Scholar Program is a multi-faceted, civic engagement experience that prepares students to become future community leaders. The program is by Presidential invitation only. Students who are invited to apply submit their application to PACE for review.

The Scholars program offers students of all majors and levels of experience opportunities to become engaged in the political life of the community and to develop habits of citizenship.  Students who complete the requirements of this program receive a certificate and distinctive recognition as "Presidential Citizen Scholars."

This program builds on PACE's mission to address student apathy and cynicism about politics by partnering with regional and state civic organizations to provide experiences of what authentic politics can be and to offer students hands-on learning opportunities in government.

Presidential Citizen Scholars 2012-2013     


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            Kayla Aiosa                Elani Arrowood          Justen Barbierri         Michael Buckless

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          Nicole Catucci           Michelle Callahan          Abigail Colby              Stephen Craig

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         Amanda Crawford     Sara Daneshpour            Joey Galindo              Jordan Guiton

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         Jeremy Harbaugh         Ashley Hartman           Olivia Hartman           Patrick Harty

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           Joseph Tynes           Alex Wehernberg           Mark Oberly            Megan McComas

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       Amanda Sullivan          Frank Willingham         Robin McClelland            Sara Labriny 

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            Farah Jeantel         Thelonious Williams      Samuel Voorhees