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Presidential Citizen Scholar Program

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Presidential Citizen Scholars

Presidential Citizen Scholar Program

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Scholars Comments

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"The experience of being a Presidential Citizen Scholar is one that will forever change the way I think and interact as a citizen in whatever community I live in ... (Because of this program), I am a more engaged, informed and involved citizen."

"PACE has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my student career thus far. The assortment of PACE-sponsored events has been enlightening and broadening. This program has strengthened my belief in the democratic system and encouraged my commitment to action."

"I have really enjoyed PACE and I knew it would be a memorable experience. I am so happy and thankful I was able to participate, I really wish all members of the SU community could have the same experience."

"The number one thing I learned from the PACE experience is that a smarter, brigher and more involved community leads to prosperity, happiness and peace. If everyone understood this, we would live in a much better world.  The idea that activitism and political change can be implemeted by the ordinary person must be spread to all. An informed citizen can make a difference in the political process."

"Meeting with local officials and political writers that reflected the grassroots non-partisan approach of PACE and the Presidential Citizen Scholars Program...gave me the opportunity to see the kind of citizens that truly care about local politics."

"I had little to no knowledge about politics or government. I also had no idea what a civic engagement was or how to get involved in one. This program really helped broaden my knowledge, experience, and ideas about politics and government.”

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