Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement




3-4 Credit Courses

This is a list of courses that may fulfill the academic experience requirement for the Presidential Citizen Scholar Program. If you would like to substitute a PACE course with one of these courses please let PACE know.

3-4 credit Courses

ACCT 348   Business and Law

BIOL 105    Biology and Society

CADR 302   Cross Cultural Conflict

CMAT 218   Rhetoric and Public Presentation                                                                     CMAT 240   Introduction to Journalism and Public Relations
CMAT 250   Instructional Communication                                                                           CMAT 310   Small Group Discussion
CMAT 346   Public Affairs Reporting
CMAT 490   Speaking of Spirituality Seminar

ECON 336   Public Sector Economics

ENGL 308   Composition III
ENGL 464   Rhetorical Criticism                                                          

ENVR 499   Environmental Senior Seminar

GEOG 402  Environmental Planning

HIST 392    Global Environmental History
HIST 405    The United States in the Twentieth Century I

IDIS courses  Check with us

PHIL 310   Philosophical Topics: Contemporary Moral Problems

POSC 110  American National Government
POSC 370  Democracy

PSYC 306  Social Psychology

SOWK 305  Social Welfare Policy                                                                                             SOWK 484  Social Work and the Law                                                                           

SOCI 201  Social Problems
SOCI 319  Globalization and Social Change

NOTE:  For the Presidential Citizen Scholar Program, please check with us if you would like to take a course that is not on this list.  We'll be happy to talk with you about this.