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Sarah Surak

Environmental Studies

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Sarah Surak


ENVR 499- Environmental Studies Senior Seminar--Sample Assignment

This capstone course is designed to be the culminating experience of the Environmental Studies Program. In this course, you will be asked to develop a response to a real-world environmental topic, from the analysis of its background and present situation, to a proposed or actual solution. This course is interdisciplinary – drawing upon the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences – as well as experiential.  As part of the course, you will at times be required to work on your own, and at other times in small teams. Besides this capstone project, a second element of the course is a weekly discussion of environmental topics in the news, preparing you to apply your classroom preparation to contemporary civic discourse. A third element of the course involves developing your professional skills – resume building, job hunting, and conceptualizing your future. As such, you will occasionally be asked to attend out-of-class presentations throughout the semester, and the fall semester job fair.

Our course capstone explores the economic, social, political, and physical aspects of how and why eco-villages and related intentional communities form, maintain and sustain. From an international perspective, we will study existing examples of eco-villages with the goal of deriving lessons and ideas that might be applied locally to the Eastern Shore region.

ENVR 449 Capstone Project: "Greening the Coolest Small Town in America"

ENVR 449 Students ENVR 449 StudentsENVR 449 Students

ENVR 499 News Releases:
1. Berlin and SU tout collaboration
2. SU students present green projects to Berlin council

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