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Online Learning Self Assessment

Learning online is not for everyone.  Therefore, it is important for you to assess your own style and characteristics as a learner before enrolling in an online course.  The following survey can help you determine whether an online course would fit your learning style and needs.

Directions: Select the best answer for each question and then click on the bottom of the page to calculate your overall score.

  1. I usually complete homework and other assignments
    1. on time
    2. at the last minute
    3. past the deadline
  2. I am considering taking an online course
    1. because the flexibility fits into my schedule
    2. to add another course to a full load
    3. because I can never seem to make it to my campus classes
  3. When I have to work individually,
    1. I almost always complete the task successfully
    2. I finish the task, but I feel a bit uncomfortable without the instructor's presence
    3. I rarely finish the task
  4. If I am having difficulty with an assignment,
    1. I always ask for help
    2. I sometimes ask for help
    3. I rarely ask for help
  5. Written instructions are
    1. easy for me to follow
    2. easy to follow, but I would prefer to have the instructor explain them to me
    3. confusing and frustrate me
  6. I consider myself to be
    1. a good reader
    2. an adequate reader
    3. a slow reader
  7. When I turn in work,
    1. I can move on to the next assignment while waiting for feedback
    2. I need feedback within a few days
    3. I need immediate feedback
  8. Face to face meetings with my instructor and my classmates
    1. are not important to me
    2. are helpful but not essential
    3. are very important to me
  9. The place I plan to do my online class work is
    1. in a quiet room without distractions
    2. in my home or office where I may have some distractions
    3. in a room where I will not be able to get away from the TV, family or other distractions
  10. The time that I will be able to set aside to work on my online class is
    1. about the same as if I was attending a class on campus (approx. 6-9)
    2. several hours a week
    3. whenever I can fit the time into the rest of my schedule
  11. As a learner, I would classify myself as being
    1. highly independent
    2. somewhat independent
    3. dependent
  12. When asked to utilize new skills and technologies as a learner,
    1. I embrace the challenge and enjoy trying new things
    2. I am hesitant to take risks, but I am persistent and determined
    3. I am very uncomfortable and tend to avoid new strategies
  13. I have access to a computer and the Internet
    1. on a daily basis
    2. at least 2 or 3 times a week
    3. not very often
  14. If needed, software could be installed on my computer by
    1. myself, without assistance or instructions
    2. myself, with the aid of step by step instructions
    3. someone else
  15. When I have a problem with my computer
    1. I work on it right away and ask for technical help if necessary
    2. I don't like it, but I try to fix the problem
    3. I get upset and try to put off fixing the problem