Cultural Competency and Haitian Immigrants


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There are two religions that Haitians practice and they can be practiced simultaneously.

  • Christianity

    • Catholicism was the first Christian religion to be introduced to the Haitians and now is the religion of 80% of the population in Haiti.14

    • Protestantism was introduced more recently with 16% of Haitians being protestant.14

    • Haitians in the U.S. are very active in their churches and for most Haitians, religion helps to maintain their cultural identity.4

    • Many devout Christian Haitians will denounce Voodoo.4, 59 

  • Voodoo (also spelled Voudou, Vodoun, or Vodon)

    • The word Voodoo comes from an African word meaning spirit. The Voodoo religion was thought to have been brought with the slaves to Haiti, and over time, it developed into a religion specific to Haiti.4, 21, 32  

    • Voodoo is often considered the national religion of Haiti as most Haitians practice it to some degree or are affected by it in some way.21 

    • Voodoo does not have an organized hierarchy or a specific theology.21  










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