SU [Nursing]
Henson Science Hall

Student Handbooks

Student handbooks for current undergraduate and graduate nursing students can be accessed here.

The Handbook for Nursing Students contains all the important information, regulations, requirements, and rules for nursing students. Information about the major, classes, clinicals, progression, retention, graduation, health requirements, transportation requirements, etc can be found here. Information contained in this handbook is for nursing students admitted to the major - junior and senior year undergraduate or graduate programs. Information outside the nursing major or department or for pre-nursing students not yet admitted to nursing will be located in the SU Catalog.


The Health Professions Student Behavior Policy document contains policies related to the health professions students at SU including Nursing students. This important document addresses the procedures for breaches of ethical and professional behavior standards and the appeals process. This applies to all nursing students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This document addresses student behaviors in labs, clinicals, and classrooms.


The Capstone Project Guidelines is the official manual for all graduate students conducting a capstone project, including manuscript preparation, as their final cumulative project for graduation.