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Criminal Background Checks

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Criminal Background Checks

All nursing programs at Salisbury University require that students successfully complete certain clinical courses, internships or practica. These experiences are offered at off-campus sites including hospitals or other institutional settings that are not part of the University. These agencies, in order to protect their clientele, may require that you disclose whether you have a criminal record and/or that you submit to a criminal background check investigation, including fingerprinting, as a condition of your participation in the experience. Depending on the clinical site, a criminal background check may be mandatory in order to participate in clinical experiences at that site. Students should proceed with the assumption that criminal background checks will be mandatory for them at all sites to which they could be assigned. The University shall have no obligation either to refund tuition, or to otherwise accommodate or to make any special arrangements for students, in the event a criminal record or other factor(s) renders them ineligible to complete the required experiences, academic coursework, or program requirements.

Students accepting admission to Salisbury University’s nursing program are participating in an academic program that leads to being licensed in a profession. A state license is required as a condition for performing the duties and responsibilities of the occupation. These laws generally permit a licensing board to deny a license or to revoke or suspend a license, or to reprimand a licensee if they are convicted, or plead guilty, or plead nolo contendere to a felony or other specified crime, including crimes involving moral turpitude. In the event students have a criminal record, the University urges them to contact the applicable State licensing authority in a timely fashion to inquire as to the effects, if any, a criminal record may have on their eligibility for licensure before they make the decision to apply for or to accept admission to any University nursing program.

All students must sign a Notice of Possible Implications of Criminal Convictions and Required Criminal Background Checks acknowledging that they are aware of and understand the criminal background check requirement, the possible consequences of having a criminal record, the effects a criminal record may have upon their ability to complete the requirements of the nursing programs and the effects a criminal record may have on eligibility for licensure in the nursing profession.

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