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Admission: 1st Bachelor's Degree


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Salisbury University Department of Nursing Admissions Statement
—1st Bachelor’s Degree Students

The 1st Degree nursing program is gated and admission is a two-step process. One must first be formally admitted to the University, followed by a separate admission process to the nursing program typically in the spring semester of the sophomore year. Due to course sequencing, required nursing courses begin in the fall semester only with an admitted cohort of approximately 65 students each year.

Students with an interest in nursing should declare nursing as their major upon application to the University so that they can be assigned a nursing faculty advisor in their sophomore year for program planning purposes. The Henson advising coordinator advises pre-nursing students in their freshman year.  Admission to the University does not guarantee acceptance into the nursing program.

Students entering the nursing program are required to meet physical and psychological requirements as outlined in the Salisbury University Department of Nursing - "Fit for Duty" Verification form.  Please see the health and enrollment requirements page, for further details and access to the form.  Students should also be aware that drug testing and background checks are commonly required by clinical agencies. Students who have been convicted of a felony or have pled nolo contendere to a felony or to a crime involving moral turpitude, may not be eligible for some clinical placements and may be unable to complete program requirements. Likewise they may not be eligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse in some states including Maryland.  Signature on the Background Check Statement is required as a part of the application process for the program.

Overview of Admissions Review Process & Criteria

Each year, over 120 applications are received for approximately 65 seats in the 1st BS degree cohort, therefore selection for a seat in this program is very competitive and on a space-available basis.  Applications for initial review/consideration are due on or before the deadline of February 1st. Late applications will not be considered.

Many criteria are considered, including the following:

  1. Cumulative overall GPA (at SU and/or including GPA at other institutions attended); those with a GPA below 3.00 are generally NOT considered.  The overall academic record is also reviewed for unsatisfactory grades in general education courses and electives, as well as any patterns of withdrawals, etc.

    In recent years, the average cumulative GPA of students accepted to the 1st degree program has been in the 3.60-3.70 range and the minimum cumulative GPA of those accepted has been in the 3.30 to 3.40 range. Students should note that this information is provided to allow self-assessment for competitiveness, but the average admitted GPA will change each year, depending on the candidate pool. Having a GPA in these ranges does not guarantee admission into the program.

  2. Grades in: CHEM 121 & CHEM 122 (Chemistry I & 2), BIOL 215 & BIOL 216  (Anatomy & Physiology I & II), BIOL 211 (Microbiology), BIOL 217 (Nutrition), BIOL 334 (Pathophysiology - must be completed with a “C” or better)*, and PSYC 300 (Developmental Psychology).
  3. Students with more than 1 grade lower than “C” in these 8 required courses will not be considered. It is NOT recommended that students retake courses with a grade of “D” as the initial grade earned is still counted*.

    NOTE:  Applicants who have 4 or more of the 8 required courses pending at the time of initial review will automatically be placed on the waitlist and will be reviewed upon completion of the spring semester; the updated overall GPA and science GPA for the required science courses completed will be evaluated at that time for available seats.

    Ordinarily, students who have not been successful or who have been dismissed from a nursing program at another college/university are not considered for admission to Salisbury University's nursing program.

  4. Science GPA is calculated for the first attempt grade of the required CHEM and BIOL courses that are completed at the time of review. They are:

    CHEM 121 & CHEM 122  (Chemistry I & 2)

    BIOL 215 & BIOL 216  (Anatomy & Physiology I & II)

    BIOL 211 (Microbiology)

    BIOL 217 (Nutrition)

    BIOL 334 (Pathophysiology)*

  5. Score on A2 admissions test.
  6. This also assumes that no other matter comes to the committee's attention that makes the candidate unsuitable for admission.

*Pathophysiology  Students must achieve a grade of "C" or better in order to begin the nursing program.  If a student receives a "D" in Pathophysiology, in order to meet the prerequisite requirement for the nursing program, they may repeat Pathophysiology one time in order to achieve a "C" or better.  This must be completed prior to the start of the fall semester of beginning the nursing program.

If the student is unable to take this course at SU and elects to take it elsewhere including during the summer the student should contact the Nursing Dept. Administrative Assistant for a list of the approved Pathophysiology courses offered at other institutions. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the student having to retake the correct Pathophysiology course.

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Admission Requirements & Procedures

To be considered for admission to the nursing program, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be admitted to Salisbury University
  • Submit transcripts from all previous academic institutions attended to the University Admissions Office before February 1st of the sophomore year for consideration for admission into the nursing program for Fall. The Department of Nursing Student Policies Committee reserves the right not to process applications if transcripts are not available.
  • Submit the following to the Department of Nursing’s Student Policies Committee by February 1st of the sophomore year:
  • Application—1st Degree Nursing Program
    This form is available from the Department of Nursing website (see application link below) or a paper copy can be obtained from the Department Administrative Assistant (Devilbiss Hall 231). Late applications will not be considered.
  • Complete the Admission Assessment Exam (A2)— by the deadline of January 15th of the sophomore year. This score is automatically submitted to the SU Nursing Department by Prometrics. Students must complete the A2 examination by the deadline in order to have their application considered.

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Notification of Nursing Program Initial Admissions Decisions

Decision letters (conditional acceptance, waitlisted, or denied) are generally mailed to the applicant’s “local” address by early March.

Acceptance means that the applicant is selected to begin the junior-level nursing curriculum in the fall. The admission offer is conditional; that is, it is contingent upon satisfactory completion (grade of "C" or better in Pathophysiology and no more than 1 "D" in the remaining science courses) of the remaining required science/prerequisite courses noted above, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and, that no other matter comes to the attention of the Department of Nursing Student Policies Committee that would make a student an unsuitable candidate for the major. Accepted students must return their response form by the stated deadline in the letter if they wish to accept the seat. Failure to reply by the deadline will lead to a student losing their seat.

Being placed on the “waitlist” means that the student meets the minimum requirements for admission but either has several pending required science grades and/or there are no seats available upon initial review of applicants. Once spring grades are posted, waitlisted applicants are reviewed for remaining seats. Grades are also reviewed after the completion of any summer term work should any additional seats become available. Waitlisted students must return a written response form by the stated deadline if they wish to remain on the waitlist. Failure to reply by the designated deadline will lead to the student's removal from the waitlist.

Students who are denied are referred to the Henson School Advising Coordinator to discuss an academic plan in an alternative major (if currently enrolled at Salisbury University).  Applicants who are denied should not reapply for subsequent cohorts.

Checklist for 1st degree Traditional BS Degree

Register for A2 Exam Eligibility ~ DO THIS FIRST

  • You must register to get an eligibility number (takes about 3 days) before you schedule an appointment with Prometrics to take the A2 exam at a local testing site.  When Registering for the Prometric Exam, choose the Admission Assessment with Critical Thinking.  Do this promptly after November 1st, but well before the deadline of January 15th. If there are any questions or problems, please call 800-222-9570 and press 2 for students.
  • There is a charge for the A2 examination that students are responsible for at the time of registration, this fee is set by Elsevier.  The cost of the exam is approximately $120.
  • Applicants who are registering to take the HESI A2, A2CT, or Mobility exams and who require accommodations must now download and complete a HESI accommodation request form available on Student Access. Applications for accommodation should be completed and submitted to Elsevier by the applicant/individual at least six (6) weeks before the desired testing date.

Schedule the A2 Exam - Create An Evolve Student Account

A2 Registration Instructions

Distance Testing How To Guide

  • Once the eligibility number is obtained, you may schedule the test at one of the Prometric Testing sites nationwide, including those throughout Maryland or in Salisbury. You must schedule early for Salisbury seats; if you delay and your first choice is full, you will need to travel to the next closest site that has an open seat.

    Prometric Testing Sites

    NOTE:  You may only take this exam once and only the first score will be considered.  Testing must be completed before the January 15th deadline.  NO Exceptions.

Complete and Submit the Nursing Department Application

  • This form should be submitted after the fall semester of the sophomore year. The form is due on or before February 1st, 2018.

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Application for Admissions

Application - deadline for submission is as designated above - Application for 1st Bachelor's Degree (updated 12/7/17)

Note: PDF files require Adobe Reader software. Download a free copy from

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