SU [Nursing]
Henson Science Hall

Traditional BS in Nursing

The first two years of the nursing curriculum focus on the General Education and supporting courses that provide the foundation for the nursing major. These courses are offered by other departments within the University, or may be transferable from other educational institutions.

The nursing component is an additional four semesters in length. Theoretical courses introduce clinical areas such as medical/surgical, maternity, child health, psychiatric and community health nursing. Accompanying field work enables students to provide direct care to people in a variety of settings under faculty supervision. In addition, there are courses in health assessment and nursing research.

The last semester of the program includes a senior seminar on leadership, management, political, economic and professional issues related to the health care system. Through an internship experience in the final year, students bridge the gap between the role of student and registered nurse as they integrate knowledge, values and skill in caring for groups of clients. Following successful completion of the B.S. in Nursing at SU, students are eligible to take the registered nurse licensing examination (NCLEX-RN) in any state.