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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dover Corporation Executive Shares Experiences with SU Students

Livingston and Bernstein

SU alumnus Robert Livingston (left), president and CEO of Dover Corporation, recently returned to campus to share his perspectives on business with students during the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business Executive Leadership Lecture.  Also in attendance were members of the greater community, including Perdue Incorporated Chairman Jim Perdue and Richard Bernstein (right), founder of Salisbury-based K&L Microwave, Inc.  After earning his B.A. in business administration from SU in 1975, Livingston worked at companies including K&L Microwave, which was later acquired by Dover.

Livingston’s advice to soon-to-be-graduates:  “I encourage you to go out and find something you can be passionate about.  Do something that you really enjoy. ... Make sure that every job you take will challenge you, make you learn and make you very uncomfortable.  If you aren’t uncomfortable in your job then you aren’t learning.  If you do these three things, you’ll do the job well and opportunities will present themselves.” 

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