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Tuesday, December 1, 1998

SSU Recipient of Gift to Establish Leadership Center-First in University System of Maryland

SALISBURY, MD--Salisbury State University will build what is believedto be the first Student Leadership Center in the University System of Maryland.Annapolis-area businessman and entrepreneur Michael Scarborough has pledged$500,000 for the new facility.

The center will bring fraternitiesand sororities, academic honor societies and leadership programs for theentire student body under one roof. Helping to implement one of the goalsof the SSU Strategic Plan, center programs and activities will develop leadershipqualities and skills in students. Supporters envision the center movingthe University into the forefront of leadership development among undergraduatesnationwide.

One unique aspect of the programwill bring Greek social and academic societies together, both of which havestrong components of community service in their creeds and mission statements.

"The center may be one of thefirst of its kind in the nation to do this," said SSU President WilliamC. Merwin.

The facility will include a largeceremonial room for receptions and ritual inductions, Leadership House Pica resource library on leadership, storage for ritual equipment, a studywith computers, meeting rooms, offices, a kitchen and outdoor courtyard.The new building will be on Camden Avenue, directly south of the parkinglot of the new Admissions House. The 7,000 foot structure is anticipatedto cost $700,000. The SSU Foundation will launch a fundraising campaignfor the additional $200,000.

According to Vice President of StudentAffairs Carol Williamson, both graduate schools and employers seek graduateswho have developed their leadership abilities. One of SSU's best examplesof a successful student leader is Scarborough ('76) himself. A former SeaGull football player, he was a founding member of SSU's chapter of SigmaAlpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity. He went on to earn an M.B.A. in financeat Baldwin-Wallace College. In 1988 he established The Scarborough Group,a firm dedicated to active asset management and educational programs for401(k) participants. The Scarborough Group now manages over $1.5 billionin assets.

Scarborough has been nominated forInc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year and has appeared on CNBC many times.His insights into the marketplace have been sought by media such as USA Today, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NewYork Times and Washington Post, among others.

The new SSU facility will be namedthe Scarborough Student Leadership Center in his honor.

QUOTES about the Student LeadershipCenter

Joe Oravecz
Director of Student Activities

"Generally, everything in the Office of Student Activities has to do with developing leadership. In addition, Student Activities offers the Student Leadership Institute, with three levels of leadership workshops for emerging, established and experienced student leaders. The New Student Orientation wilderness series offers a summer program for students who have been identified as leaders in high school who hopefully will take leadership positions at the University. A leadership seminar is also taught through the Perdue Business School for 12 selected students in all four schools. Throughout the year SSU students are also taken to national conferences with student leadership programs, to help them acquire additional leadership skills. The new center will help move SSU's leadership development to the next level. Some institutions, such as the University of Richmond, have strong leadership development programs and more universities are starting to offer a major in leadership. I would not be surprised that in four to five years, SSU has a (leadership) major."

Kenna Brigham,
Student Co-director of the Greek Council

"This Building would be an asset to Greek social and academic life. It takes our leadership programs to the next level. I don't think that even Maryland (University of Maryland College Park) has that. That could take our Greek system to the next level as well. It will train not only Greek but future community leaders. I'm really excited about the program. It's a way for SSU to make a national mark. No one (I know) has heard of a University having a student leadership center. There are endless possibilities to increase leadership on the campus."

Carolyn Moloney
Student President, Pan-Hellenic Council

"I don't know of any other school in the nation with such a facility--none that brings all these different groups together. One of the practices of employers is to look at leadership skills. This will help students in their careers beyond Salisbury State."

Anthony Butler
Student Program Assistant,
Student Activities and Organizations

"I think it's grand. Greeks have always been set apart. This will bring Greeks more in line with the rest of the campus. ...The resource library on leadership will be available to the whole campus and benefit all student organizations."

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