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Wednesday, September 1, 1999

"Flame Tornado Revisted" Subject of Demo/Presentation by Dr. Edward Senkbeil at CHEMED 99 Conference

SALISBURY, MD--Dr. Edward Senkbeil, professor of chemistry in the Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology at Salisbury State University, recently presented a paper at CHEMED 99, a biennial national conference on chemical education held in Fairfield, CT.

Senkbeil's paper/demonstration, Flame Tornado Revisited, described the chemical and physical concepts involved in the combustion process. As Senkbeil noted, "The demonstration can be utilized in an interesting inquiry-based approach to better understand and visualize the combustion reaction. The presentation provided chemistry instructors a safe, inexpensive and reproducible means of demonstrating the properties of combustion."

While at the conference held at Sacred Heart University, Senkbeil attended several workshops/symposium describing topics which included proper disposal of hazardous chemicals and effective classroom chemistry demonstrations.

The conference, sponsored by the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Education and the Canadian Society for Chemistry, allows chemical educators at all levels of instruction to come together in a collegial fashion to learn from each other.



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