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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SU Senior Shares Past NCUR Experiences

SALISBURY, MD---Last April, Salisbury University senior Clayton Alsup traveled to San Rafael, CA, to present at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR). One year later he is looking forward to returning to NCUR, held this year on the SU campus.

Having presented a literature paper at NCUR last year, Alsup, a philosophy major, is excited to present something in his own field. He will present a paper that developed out of a philosophy of religion class from two semesters ago. In it he explores different philosophical ideas about what takes place when individuals give gifts, and tries to work out a new theory that better encompasses the “gift-event.”

“Going to NCUR last year was a great experience,” Alsup said. “It gives you an opportunity to meet other people your age who share your interests and enthusiasm. I met several students who went to schools that I’m considering for graduate studies. In the session I attended there was a student from University of Memphis, which I’m considering attending, who presented a paper on DuBois’s philosophy of race that was extremely good.  We talked afterward, and being able to speak directly to someone who is involved with the department there was very helpful in getting a feel for where might be right for me.”

NCUR is the largest undergraduate research conference in the nation. 2,800 undergraduate scholars from some 400 institutions and representing more than 55 disciplines will present their research.

For more information call 410-677-5046 or visit the NCUR Web site at

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