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Monday, August 27, 2007

SU Faculty Article Named One of Best in 'Journal of Operations Management'

SALISBURY, MD---Dr. Karen Papke-Shields, Information and Decision Sciences faculty at Salisbury University, co-authored one of the best articles appearing in the Journal of Operations Management last year according to the journal’s editor-in-chief and a team of associate editors.

The journal recently announced the article “Evolution in the Strategic Manufacturing Planning Process of Organizations” by Papke-Shields, Dr. Manoj Malhotra of the University of South Carolina and Dr. Varun Grover of Clemson University as one of the journal’s top two articles of 2006. Papke-Shields presented the paper in a special session during the 2007 Academy of Management annual meeting.

“This is a journal that accepts only 15 percent of all manuscripts submitted,” said Dr. Frank Shipper, management and marketing faculty in SU’s Franklin P. Perdue School of Business. “Of the approximately 60 articles printed by this journal in 2006, her article was judged to be better than all but one. The probability of achieving this honor if you submit a manuscript is less than 1 percent.”

Papke-Shields’ article focuses on the rationality and adaptability of planning in manufacturing. An evaluation of more than 200 U.S. manufacturers showed that planning strategies in the manufacturing function evolved over time as those involved gain more experience. The changes were toward a balance of rational and adaptive planning, which led to better outcomes and business performance.

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